Get Ready, Facebook Messenger ads is coming soon

Yes, its a new dawn, we all need money to run virtually all affairs of life, and Facebook isn’t exempted, If Big brands Messenger Could turn on ADS, Then you should know the race isn’t funny at all

For a while now Facebook has been testing Messenger ads in some selected locations, But has now concluded plans to unleash the ads live globally on all smartphones

FB Messenger

Messenger users won’t find this funny, but there’s absolutely nothing users can do about it,as a matter of fact, whether it pleases them or not, serving ads is one of the surest means company pay their bills

In as much users aren’t paying for the services, we can only expect brands to find means of keeping their services readily available for all some way or the other

You’d agree with me that there has been lot of yawning about how ads are being served. While Tech bloggers like myself aren’t exempted. it still remains a part of the struggle

Although people argued that Messenger ads is most likely to affect user experience. but Facebook has assured of serving theirs in a manner that user experience won’t be affected

If i may ask, as Facebook Messenger ads gone live at your end ? If yes, why don’t you share your user experience with us using the comment section.. just as Mister Mobility has rightly said, this is a small price to pay for free usage of a global communications service

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