How To Fix Screen Overlay Issues On All TECNO Smartphones

Now a days screen overlay issues is now a very serious problem that most smartphone users usually encounter.The problem seem to occur mostly on all the brands of smartphone but in this article,you will be taught on How To Fix Screen Overlay Issues On All TECNO Smartphones.

There have being a lot of quest from Tecno users concerning how to fix overlay issues on their devices.But still the screen issue is not limited only to Tecno phones some other smartphones like  Google Nexus,Ulefone and some other smart devices also experience such problems.

Luckily in this article you we will discuss explicitly on ho to get rid of such problems permanently however let us brief some newbies on what screen overlay issue is.

Easiest way to fix screen overlay issue.

What is screen overlay?

A screen overlay is just a part of an application that can display over the top of other applications. The popular example is chat heads located in Facebook Messenger.

But not withstanding  applications need your permission to use the screen overlays, and sometimes this can cause  a very serious problem.

How To Fix Screen Overlay Issues On All TECNO Devices

  • First of all you need to download and install “button unlocker” .These apps are available on Google PlayStore.
  • Having installed the app the next thing for you to do is to launch it,by performing this action you will get a message prompt on  your screen asking you to allow permission follow these order in order to achieve this SETTINGS and CLICKING APPS >>GMAIL>>PERMISSION>>GIVE ALL NECESSARY PERMISSION.
  • Provided you have carried out all the set up processes above them we are happy to tell you that you will not have any screen overlay problems on your smartphone.
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Note that the procedures above works on all smart devices as you enjoy this,pass it on to your friends who may be having similar issues on his/her device.

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