GTBank Naira Mastercard International Spending limit Increased

The New GTBank International Spending limit on Naira Mastercard has been Increased to $1000 Per Month as against the previous $100 Monthly limit, But there’s a clause.

Customers have been unable to bypass the previous $100 Spending Limit Pegged on GTBank Naira Master Cards for foreign transaction usage for months now, not unless users opt-in dollar Card

GTBANK Spending limit

You’d recall that we had sometimes lamented on the need for an increase, and of course several others equally came out to voice on the supposed limit, since it becomes difficult to pay for goods or services on foreign websites

The Good news now is, Customers can now make use of their GTBank Naira Mastercard to pay for Facebook adverts, buy goods on international sites such as AliExpress, Gearbest, Amazon, Google Playstore up to a $1000 monthly limit


Here’s where the major problem is, Yes, they increased the Spending limit on their Naira Master Cards, But the GTB exchange rate is way more than the black market rate. How do i mean? read on.

According to Wisdom, the brain behind WizyTechs, he gave an account of his recent transaction, wherewith he was charged N380 Per 1 Dollar, Yes, you read right, even abokis charges N365 or thereabout

My advice, however, is for users to get GTBank Domiciliary Dollar Account instead, then buy from aboki (Bureau de’change) head to your bank and fund, Otherwise, stick to this .

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Benefits (Advantages) of the New GTBANK International Spending Limit? 

  • Increase in transaction limit ( $1000 per month)
  • Convenient and quick to use
  • Fast and reliable
  • Pay for products online with no Dollar card and so on…

However, there’s nothing with some benefits without its Disadvantages and here’s are a few

* The exchange rate is never stable.
* Withdraw is limited to $300 daily.
* Withdrawals with Naira Master Card abroad attracts N1000 charges as against N420.

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