Download Infinix Hot 4 Pro Nougat Beta 2 Update

The time has finally come for you to perform your device upgrade, Infinix Hot 4 Pro Nougat Beta update is now available for Download, and all Hot 4 pro users who have being waiting earnestly for this can now install

Download Infinix Hot 4 Pro Nougat Beta 2 Update


Download link will be provided later in this article so just keep reading till you finally sport where it is but should in case you might ask yourself what seems to be new in the Beta update? or questions like does it fixes any bug well the good news is the Beta 2 update is better than the previous version.


Below are some new features of the Nougat Beta 2;

  • Smooth and corrected update from its previous version
  • No bugs included
  • Vibration Capacity is now high
  • Faster along with good ram management
  • Finally battery life is now better

Download Infinix Hot 4 Pro Nougat Beta 2 Update

If you could recall the there is usually a pause during the usage where “system ui has stopped working” messages displays and fortunately that bugs message have being fixed to even add to that, the level of vibrations are now heavier and the battery life are now better.

Well many users have download it and have confirm that it now comes with a better feature.To perform the download,an update is now available in T-Card.

So you can just download it from the line that will be provided below;

However don’t try to update your phone if  you have root it because you might end up bricking it instead of that just format your device or better still flash your device stock ROM by making use of a tool called sp flash tool,once accomplished,that you can now download Nougat Beta 2 and install it.

We would advise you to be very careful while performing the setup for we will not be responsible for any break on your smartphone Click here to download Infinix Hot 4 Pro Nougat Beta 2 Update

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