Simple Tricks To Stop Your Phone Battery From Discharging Quickly

This is definitely going to be a good news for all smartphone users who are who are concerned about their smartphone’s battery performance, here’re Simple Tricks To Stop Your Phone Battery From Discharging Quickly

Although there are several battery optimization apps for extending battery life but unfortunately they tend to consume your device battery tends to rundown or discharge quickly at a very fast rate.

What then are the use of such apps that does not mean that all battery saving mode app does not work they do but only some selected few are working perfectly.

Stop Your Phone Battery From Discharging Quickly

To solve all your battery issue problem we are going to examining some five key smartphone charging mistakes that you need avoid and how it helps your device battery.

Simple Tricks To Stop Your Phone Battery From Discharging Quickly

  • Close Applications

Shut down apps if they’re not in use, including nonessential apps running in the background.

  • Don’t Leave Your Phone Cooking in the Sun

Makes sense. Do not leave your phone (or dog and kids!) in a hot car or anywhere with hot temperatures. There is an optimum temperature range cell phones function at.

  • Using Your Phone While Charging:

You will agree with me we all do this, the charging and using of our smartphone at the same time. Do you know what happens when you are using your device while its still charging?

It makes the phone not to charge properly and if you notice, it takes time to add 1-2% while charging and being used.

Another reason is that it destroy your device battery holding feature thereby making it become swollen as time goes on, resulting to damage.

There are many reasons not to use your device while it’s charging. To save your device battery life, avoid usage while charging

  • Switch Off Your Phone

If you don’t need your phone while you’re sleeping or after business hours, just switch it off. Also turn it off if you are in an area with poor reception because the constant search for service depletes the battery quickly. Plus forget the flight mode on planes; you’re better off switching it off completely.

  • Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

We all use this feature in our phone but do you know both are power hungry features? So disable them when they’re not in use.

  • Switch Off the Vibrate Function

Smartphone vibration feature is another power hungry feature which can drain your battery any time it vibrates. Most of  us love that vibrating feelings whenever we are using our device keyboard in typing. Switching off vibration feature to prevent our device battery from draining quickly can help prolong battery usage.

  • Avoid Flash Photography

Flashes are powerful and use lots of energy. Same goes for using your phone as a flashlight. Not saying you shouldn’t use your device flash to take pictures in a dark environment, but in a situation where your battery percentage is not what you wanted, avoiding flashes can help prevent your battery from draining in case of an emergency

  • Reduce the Screen Brightness

Do you know high screen brightness affects your device battery? Yes it does and setting the brightness of the display to the lowest level possible will impact battery life greatly. The same goes for the back light.  Reduce your time to one or two seconds to conserve your battery.

  • Turn Off the GPS

GPS uses battery power like crazy. What’s the point keeping your GPS ON when you don’t need it? Try to use it only when you really need it.

  • Turn Off Notifications and Syncing

Another Simple Tricks To Stop Your Phone Battery From Discharging Quickly is to turn off Notifications and background syncing and displaying of messages which consumes a good deal of energy. Turning it off will help your phone’ battery life

  • Update Your Apps Regularly

Not always the case, but regularly updating your apps so you have the most current version will utilize less power.

  • Charging Your Phone Overnight:

There are many people, including me who left the phone plugged in overnight for charging. We just need to break this habit.

Charging overnight affects battery longevity, and it also makes your smartphone overheat. Therefore, make sure to unplug your charge when you feel it is sufficiently charged.

  • Remove Your Phone’s Cover Or Case If Possible:

Well, this is not the ordinary thing to do, maybe the person nearby you will start to laugh if you do so. However, removing the Phone Case or Cover will eliminate the “Locked” heat that is being produced while it was charging.

  • Don’t Touch The 100% Limit While Charging:

Well, 80-85% battery backup is enough for a day, and it’s ideal for overall battery lifespan. Reaching the 100% charging mark is not the good option because it will overheat the battery, thereby affecting battery’s life.

  • Don’t Discharge The Battery Completely:

Well, we always tend to use our smartphone until it is switched off due to low battery. We usually ignore the low battery warning.

However, the full discharge weakens the lithium battery. It’s recommended to do a full discharge of battery once or twice a month to perform battery calibration.

  • Using Good Quality Or Your Device Original Charger:

If you recently lost your phone’ original charger, then you need to be extra careful while choosing the right charger for your phone.

What we do is we always use any substitute charger, we never hesitate to use our friends’ charger to charge our smartphone.

However, make sure to charge your smartphone from the original one because this will ensure your phone doesn’t overheat or charge in a way it supposed not

  • Avoid Animated Backgrounds

They look cool, but any animated pictures or wallpapers will drain your battery faster than a normal picture. To prevent your battery from draining quickly, just avoid animated backgrounds

  • Black Screens are Better than White

Black screens use less power than white, I don’t know why but it’s true.  So go with a nice textured black screensaver. It dosnt have to be black like black but black background with some matching styles

This does not mean you should make use of your smartphone this tips will just help you to know Stop Your Phone Battery From Discharging Quickly

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