Can you buy this Prime 18-carat gold mini PC for $1 million?

wondering what you can do with that huge amount of money in your account.. well maybe you can buy this prime 18-carat gold mini PC for $1 million instead… lol

Don’t blame me for the advice, since you decided not to invest, we only thought giving another luxury gadget to add to your luxuries would add more to your prestige.. of course i wouldn’t do that if i were you thou.

 Prime 18-carat gold mini PC

That said, the brand behind this, Swiss company Prime Computer has been offering series of small, fanless desktop computers for quite sometime now but are mostly modified versions of Intel’s NUC mini PCs.

Although their computers were a bit affordable, mostly priced at 1,099 Swiss Franks ($1135) and up… But have decided to introduce something very different and of course very expensive.. what ?

Yes, the Swiss Prime Computer latest Pc is completely covered in 18-carat gold and It’s a limited-edition model that will sell for about $1 million. weighing 7 kilograms (about 15 pounds)

The prime gold computer comes equipped with some decent specs, among which includes an Intel Core i5 processor and supports up to 32 GB of RAM, about 5 terabytes of HDD storage and can run Windows 10 Pro or Linux-based software.

 Prime 18-carat gold mini PC Key Specs

  • Processor : Intel Core i5 processor
  • OS :  Windows 10 Pro or Linux-based
  • Ram : 32 GB of RAM,
  • Storage : up to 5 terabytes  software.

Well, if the gold-encrusted PC isn’t extravagant enough, then there’s another option, you may decide to cover the power button with a precious stone.

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No doubt the limited edition Prime Computer computer with an 18-carat gold case is a complete luxury item for individual who’d rather lavish $1 million on a PC, in case you have that much with nothing to do, we can dish out a well business plan for you to invest on.. what’s do our readers think ??

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