Google knows you visited a porn site, Here’s how to delete everything Google knows about your Online Activities

Are you aware Google keeps records of all your online activities? I’d be fooled to assume otherwise. Yes, Google knows everything that happens online buts the good news is there is a way to Delete Everything Google knows or keep, Interested? then read on.


You need not be told how smart Google is, as a matter of fact, those secret sites you visit often, all the information and everything you do online is stored somewhere when it comes to online activities, nothing is actually 100% safe and am sure you know that as well

If you have been living your life all this while believing no one monitors you online, then you need to have a rethink, but there is a way to keep your data private if you are not comfortable having Google poke nosing

Here is how to see and delete everything Google knows and keep about your online activities.

Go to My Google Activity here and see everything Google stores about your online activities. from there you may decide to delete all one after another or clear all at once, or even leave them for future reference.

How to Delete Everything Google knows and keep about your Online Activities

Before toggling OFF Web & App Activity, uncheck “Include Chrome browsing history and activity from websites and apps that use Google services

>> On the same “Activity Controls” page, users can also disable location tracking, contact and calendar storing, Google’s ability to record and store your voice recordings, and YouTube search and watch history.

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