How to get cheap smartphone with decent specs in Nigeria

How can you get a cheap smartphone with decent specs in Nigeria,  Now that you have decided to get a cheap phone with nice features but the once you see seems to exceed your budget what the is the way out?

You have finally decided to get yourself a phone and not just that but a smartphone that will feature decent specs and will be available in an affordable price.

get a cheap smartphone in Nigeria

If that’s the case? then you are in the right place for information, this article will give you the right help needed in getting a cheap smartphone that features decent specs.

Just as the number of smartphone users increases,so also does the number of their manufacturers. Today you will hear of a new smartphone company,tomorrow the same will still be heard.

However there are some phone companies that are currently running but are not well known by people,and that is because most of us tend to ignore smartphone that are not popular

Take for example you have $700 and you were surfing for phones on the internet to buy,then you come across Samsung galaxy S8 plus,immediately the device will attract you.

But what if you saw a smartphone named Mpie Y12 or some kind of name you have not heard about.

Photos of Mpie Y12

 Mpie y12 back cover MPIE Y12 BATTERY MPIE Y12

Chances are high that you will not even take a look at it,even if you do you will not be moved to purchase it because there is a belief that such devices are scam and don’t give the stated specs.

To be honest with you,that is big lie! those who say that heard it from someone and they also spread the news till it gets to you, then the spreading continues.

The question is this ,have they tried the device they are blackmailing? NO some say ‘a friend of mine used it and it was like hell so don’t purchase’.

Truly there are some smartphones that claim to be dope but they are not that is why in our next article,I will be teaching you a simple way to tell if the specs of a phone seen online are real. For now let focus on how to get a cheap smartphone with decent specs.

How to get a cheap smartphone online with decent specs in Nigeria

  • First, Understand why you need one ,if it is because of music then I recommend purchasing an mp3 player.
  • Identify the specs you look for in a phone .
  • Set price range : how much do you have? how much can you spare if the phone cost just 2 value ahead of your budgeted money.
  • Start searching, I am not saying you should move from one phone shop to another searching for a cheap smartphone, you can achieve that within your comfort zone.
  • Get your laptop if you don’t have borrow one, once you have that launch your browser and open an online phone store websites ,remember there are are tons of them which include scams so be careful here are some trusted sites for shopping online; Jumia, Konga, Gearbest, Aliexpress e.t.c
  • Don’t search for bigger brands, just move to the phones available in the websites and keep searching. But before that make sure you set the price range you want ,once that is set then you have no problem.

Keep searching sooner or later you will end up getting one smartphone that is cheap and not just that but also featuring decent specs.

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So you have finally found a device that seems to be nice,but are the specs real or counterfeit? why don’t you find out by clicking here. So you won’t end up being a victim.

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