iPhone 8 render is Astonishingly beautiful, Here’s what we know so far

Apple Upcoming iPhone 8 surfaces online with an astonishing render design and some world class impressive features, speaking of which, the device front camera is said to offer a 3D sensing and modeling functions, allowing it not only to take pictures, but also to manipulate them.

That said, The front-facing shooter doubles as a camera as well as facial recognition tech, sounds cool right ? then read on..  The iPhone 8 rear camera will offer its two rear lenses vertically oriented, as opposed to horizontal style seen on the iPhone 7 Plus.

As a matter of fact, this Apple device has been debute to launch in September, and has since announcement recorded tons of speculations and reports suggesting what the company is most likely to launch several other iPhone devices

Though fans are on the edge to know what Apple as in stock, but might need to exercise a little more patient since the Apple is believed to be planning on marking its 10th anniversary of the first iPhone launched in 2007 in a remarkable way

what to expect from Apple upcoming iPhone devices

Just as you rightly read above, Apple is expected to launch three iPhones later this year, one is believed to be a redesigned, while the two others are said to be an update to the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Analysts have suggested names for the redesigned iPhone, including “iPhone Pro,” “iPhone Edition,” “OLED iPhone,” and “iPhone 8,”

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iPhone 8 render

According to report published by business Insider, it suggested that the redesigned iPhone is the model that has received the most attention. and is expected to have a curved edge-to-edge screen with a little to no bezels much smaller than the current iPhone 7.

The Business Insider believes the screen uses an all new kind of display tech refer to as OLED technology, with a promising end result of nice display, and uses less power, providing darker blacks

For now, we cannot confirm if the iPhone 8 render going round is what fans are to expect, likewise its unclear whether the fingerprint sensor will be built into the screen or whether the new “Face ID” feature replaces it..

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