How to Start Facebook Birthday Fundraiser the Easy Way

You’d recall sometimes in May when Facebook launched its Fundraising feature in the United States (US) but was restricted to non-profit organization, well users can now start Facebook birthday fundraiser and get people donate to charity on Facebook for their birthday

How to Create a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

Mike Nowak, Facebook’s Product Director explained that about 45 million users in the community send birthday wishes to people on the platform which necessitated the introduction of a birthday fundraiser, without boring you with many words, how then can you start one?

How to Create a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

You’ll agree with me that we have come to the era where most people dedicate their birthday towards helping the needy, less privilege, feeding and as well providing clothes and other materials to the poor, some may even go as far as raising money for such, the good news is, you can now do on Facebook and get people join hands with you to support your cause

In about Two weeks to users birthday, they will receive a message from Facebook in News Feed allowing you to start a fundraiser for your birthday.

At the moment the feature is yet to be available globally but users in the US can create Facebook birthday fundraisers with about 750,000 non-profit organizations in the US. the fundraiser, a notification appears to your Facebook friends telling them to donate to the cause you chose as seen above

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The instant you create the fundraiser, a notification message will be sent to your Facebook friends asking them to donate to your cause

How you can create Facebook Birthday video celebration

Users can also spice up their birthday on Facebook using the newly added feature, simply by creating birthday videos that can be shared with friends. On your friend’s birthday, a personalized video will appear on Facebook which you can share and as well use to make a wish with your friend.

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