Telecom Operators Plans 100% Increase for Calls and Data Tariff

Telecom subscribers in Nigeria are about to receive another shocker as telecom operators plan to Increase Data and Call Tariff by 100%. if the Nigeria Communication Commission agrees to their demand for 100% increase in prices of data and voice calls

Telecom Operators Plans 100% Increase in Call Tariff and Data

Recalled sometimes last week the telecom companies approached NCC in an attempt to Block WhatsApp, Skype, IMO and Others OTT services in the country

Well, it appeared the heat is far from being over according to an online source, an insider with NCC was quoted to have said exposed the telecom plan for an increase

His words:  “telecom operators had been making a case for price increment since the first quarter of this year. He said they complained of rising cost of production and that they could no longer carry on with current call and data prices. “

The National Association of Telecommunications Subscribers (NATCOMS) has advised NCC not to review the rates for voice and data services upward.

Chief Deolu Ogunbanjo NATCOM’s President, said the review of the rates was not necessary, with the present economic situation of the country. “I don’t think this is the right time to do any upward review. Government and its agencies, and the operators should be sensitive to the plight of the people.

“’They should understand that we are just coming out of recession and subscribers shouldn’t be confronted with this again,’’ Ogunbanjo said.

If the Nigeria communication commission approves their demand subscribers will pay double of what they are currently paying for calls and data, as a matter of fact, we are looking at a 100% increase

In other words, subscribers who are charged N12.01k and N12.64 respectively for On-Net and Off-Net per minute tariffs at the moment will be charge about N24 and N75.30k while one gigabyte of data per month will now cost about N2,000 from N1000

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