New Safety Tool, Crisis Response on Facebook launched

Facebook is rounding all its safety-related tools into one called the Crisis Response, This will house all safety features such as the Safety Check that allows users inform loved ones of their situation during terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and other dangerous incidents.

Crisis Response on Facebook

The Crisis Response on Facebook will feature mixtures of posts, photos, videos and news articles that will help keep people up to date during any crisis or attack. in addition to this Facebook also introduce the Community Help which can be used for coordinating help during a disaster.

Another worth mentioning feature is the fund-raining meant to support individuals and groups affected by these crises, as well as non-profit organizations involved with relief efforts.

We won’t be surprised if some of these tools are not been utilize recalled Facebook’s first-ever feature in the Crisis Response is the Safety Check which was launched far back 2014 but wasn’t deployed until the 2015 Nepal earthquake allowing users to quickly mark themselves alive and well in the midst of the chaos of an attack or natural disaster.

Interestingly, Safety Check can now be activated automatically by an influx of user posts and a confirmation from a third-party news or government source.

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Users can now find the Safety Check in the new Facebook centralized hub in Crisis Response and will most likely remain one of the best technological relief for victims of any of the world’s crises which are now widely shared on social media.

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