Fix Hotspot, Bluetooth & WiFi Turning Off Automatically on Android

You may have been experiencing your Hotspot suddenly turns off minutes after putting it on on your Android phone and have been wondering why the issue persists, then today is your lucky day and Here’s How to Fix Hotspot Turning Off Automatically on Android devices

That said the issue does not just affect hotspot alone, Wifi and Bluetooth are as well not exempted. In most cases, the WiFi, Hotspot, and Bluetooth issues are sometimes caused by an update or third-party applications installed on our phone apps such as Google Now launcher, babel font, etc but there is a solution to fix it on your android phone

How to Fix Hotspot, Wifi and Bluetooth Issues Turning Off Automatically Android

Method One

  • Go to phone settings

Android Phone Settings

  • Click on Apps

WiFi Turning Off Issues

  • Now tap on the three dots on the screen beside the settings symbol and a pop-up will appear like the one in the caption above
  • You’ll find only two options depending on the version of Android you are running; click on “reset app preferences”

Once done, reboot your device and turn on your hotspot.

WiFi Turning Off Automatically on Android

Method Two

If the first method above did not work for you then use this method

  • Go to settings
  • Click on Apps>>Show System Apps
  • Reset OOBE

Method Three

Now if after trying the two Steps above and you still were unable to fix it, Recalled I mention earlier that third-party apps could also be responsible. So If you have them installed, then uninstall Babel font or Google Now Go to Settings>>Apps>>Babel font. Once you are done, reboot your device and it will be okay.

Still experiencing the same issue even after following this guide to fix Bluetooth, Hotspot, and Wifi Turning Off Automatically on your Android Phone. If so then kindly use the comment section below

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