How to Fix Some Common iOS 11 Update Problems

Good news there is a Fix for some of the iOS 11 Update Problems mostly experienced while trying to upgrade iPhone to the latest version some of which includes software Update Failed or Verifying issues so if yours is giving the same problem then read on

Most times upgrading to a new iOS is not always smooth and effortless, there are instances when the update may get failed and your precious data may get lost or your iPhone suddenly refuses to power on

Upgrade iPad To iOS 11

So If you are already planning to upgrade your iPhone or iPad it would be wise to follow strictly the steps on how to update iPhone to the latest OS or prepare for the unexpected though some of these problems can easily be avoided in case you find yourself facing any then there are methods to fix them.

Some of the common problems during iOS 11 update include the verification issues and below is the quick and easy solutions to fix them


1. Software Update Failed:  This is one of the common issues mostly experienced during iOS upgrade. When this occurs you have two options either “Close” and try again or wait few more hours to retry. This problem happens when installing new iOS version via OTA (Over-the-air) but If there’s a computer around with iTunes installed then you can try updating via iTunes

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Software Update Failed

2. Verifying Update Issue: Under normal circumstances, it should only take a few minutes to complete the verification process but your device may get stuck in the verifying screen for countless hours so if you are experiencing same then read on

How to fix

  • Ensure your iDevice is actively connected to a Wi-Fi
  • Lock your iDevice and then wake it again, repeat about 5-10 times
  • Hard reset your device.
  • And finally, restore with iTunes.


1. iPhone/iPad Gets Bricked: This may be caused because the update failed to download completely If that’s the case hard reset your device and  If it does not work then restore your iPhone iPad via iTunes or try DFU Mode.

2. Lag & Random Reboots: Factory reset is the solution. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings to make it.

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3. iPhone/iPad Data Disappeared: This is a very common problem after updating to new iOS version every year. If you have backed up your iPhone or iPad in advance, you can restore your device with iTunes and iCloud backup. If you have no backup, you can try data recovery tool like “PhoneRescue” to help you get back the lost data from device directly.

I believe you can now fix any of the iOS 11 Update problems easily and if after trying all steps above yet unable to solve it then kindly drop your comment

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