Fix ‘Unfortunately System UI Has Stopped’ Error in Android

This Guide will put you through 3 easy steps that you can use to quickly fix “unfortunately system UI has stopped” error on Android devices anytime you faced with such, As a matter of fact, you will be able to solve the issues without rooting

Although there hasn’t been any solid reason as to why it keeps happening.If you are facing the problem this system UI error issue on your Android phone you can attest to the fact that your smartphone immediately becomes less responsive while any apps running at that time will either freeze or cease to respond.

How to Fix 'Unfortunately System UI Has Stopped' Error on Android

Some of the known causes Of Android system error

Few of the cause of this system error in Tecno, Infinix, Samsung, Gionee, Xiaomi etc is sometimes as a result of recent app updates, Google app update or installation of third party apps and is not restricted or common to any type of Android device alone. inasmuch as you run an Android OS you are prone to such but the good news is there is a fix.

How to Fix ‘Unfortunately System UI Has Stopped’ Error in Android

I will be providing 3 working methods that users can apply to fix such error though not 100% certain but it does work.


A simple restart has been known to easily fix some of Android error and this might also not be an exception without any other solution. So before you move on other methods why not give it a shot to see if the Error still persists. If after trying step 1 nothing then check out other solutions below.

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  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Application Manager or App
  • Then Search for Google App and Click it
  • Now click Uninstall updates option.
  • Finally, Restart Phone and to confirm if the Error is fixed or not.


1) Go to Phone “Settings”;
2) Tap on “Applications”, tap on “Menu”;
3) Now Click “Show system application” from the drop-down menu;
4) And finally, find “System Interface” among all applications. In “Memory” section perform clearing all data and cache.
Don’t forget to Restart your device.

I want to believe you have been able to fix the error but in case you couldn’t or used a different method to Fix this then error kindly share how via the comments section.

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