Simple Trick to Naturally cure bad breath

Having bad breath can often be annoying it makes the victim feel uncomfortable but there’s a way to naturally cure bad breath How do I mean? ; a person experiencing bad breath has limitations to his movement, such a person will not want to go to the place that is crowded, places like the market, stores, parties e.t.c.

The reason being this, they know they have a bad breath and are scared of letting people know about it as a result of shame because people will think they did not brush their mouth of which they did.

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Imagine if you were at a party then someone who is well dressed and also smells nice came to you and said “hello my name is Jack” no doubt chances are high that you would respond nicely and may even be willing to make the conversation longer.

Now hear this, what if something or someone discomforts you? would you not find a way to escape or probably recommend How the fellow can naturally cure bad breath.This is the other side of the story; let say you perceived a bad odor coming out of Jack’s mouth during his introduction what would you do. In order not to sound rude you will try all your possible best to quickly end the conversation you both are having.

But why did you do this? ( it not fair…lols) it is because you are perceiving a bad odor that makes you feel uncomfortable, you could have suggested How to naturally cure bad breath for such individual but I perceive you are not aware of such. in fact, such odor could make one feel like vomiting. in order to prevent you from throwing up here is an article guide to help you take necessary precautions.

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Let me ask you this question; what would you think of Jack? The general conclusion in your mind will be that he did not brush his teeth. But what if he actually did then you might ask yourself this; why does the bad odor still persist.

There are a lot more to consider on this topic, if you are experiencing a bad breath then consider yourself lucky today because this article will provide the natural way to cure it, so sit back and enjoy.

The Problem:

In most of my health related articles, I often say the problem begins with you and this is true. We often do, eat, drink things that are not supported by our body because they could lead to one defect or the other. Some of the defects could be, vomiting, stomach heat, excessive increase in weight e.t.c.

The food substances we consume contains some micro organisms such as bacteria which cannot be seen by the naked eye but by the use of electron microscope. Such bacteria can be harmful to the body if they are in excess. The second brain of the body which I call the digestive system will release some enzymes that will kill off the bacteria leaving out the ones needed for digestion.

But we take food into our stomach through our mouth, truly the bacteria present in the food will be killed by the enzymes in the digestive system but what about those little bacteria that are being stacked in our mouth since it was the medium used as the passage. The problem begins from here and BACTERIAL is the root and main cause of having a bad breath.

Consuming Wrong food substances:

You might feel surprised while hearing this so let me shed more light on it; there are some certain kind of food you eat that gets stuck to your teeth including the tongue. The tongue is the most sensitive part in the mouth receives all bacteria, not that it accepts them on purpose but the bacterial main location after a meal are the tongues.

Here is the problem, after a meal the food that gets stocked to the tongue becomes a germ after some minutes,this is because the major air surrounding the tongue after eating is carbon dioxide this will then make give the bacteria more hands to grow, now the food substances we that are stuck to the tongue will begin to decay as a result of low oxygen present in the mouth since the nose is the major organ for breathing.

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When this decay, it will begin to mix with the air present in the mouth at that moment, the air will then be contaminated and smell bad when the person finally opens his mouth. It works the same way decayed food substances behave. If you observe very well, you will see that a food that is covered for some days without opening will smell worse than the one opened for some days.

This is what to do in order to naturally cure bad breath:

Author: Kayode Emmanuel

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