GOTV Subscription: How to Pay GoTV Online easily

Most subscribers do not know that there is an easy way to pay GoTv subscription without moving the distance down to any vendor shop just to renew their subscription the good news is you can pay easily either through the Quick teller or via the GOtv self-service portal.

Well too bad that most of the bouquet platform seems not to be affordable by some people so they just decide to stick to the normal TV channel they view and accept whatever is being sent out.

Though subscribing to some of those bouquets can be stressful but there is another easy method to cut out all these stress and easily pay or renew your GoTV subscription? In this article, you see how to pay GoTv online the easiest way.

Types of GoTV Subscription Options in 2017

  • GoTV Lite which costs N400
  • GoTV Value N1,250
  • GoTV Plus N1900
  • GoTV Mobile Access N630

Provided you have made a decision based on the payment method, then all you need to do is to follow the procedures below to pay Go TV subscription the easiest way, using the Quickteller or GoTV subscription method

TV Subscription – How to Pay GoTV Online with Quickteller

  • First Go to the Quickteller’s payment platform for GoTV here. Please note that your decoder is switched on before starting the processor.
  • Now select a package you want to pay for.


  • Thereafter enter your GoTV decoder’s ICU Number, your email address as well and phone number. The ICU Number is bolding written on the red label at the back of the decoder.

Enter your GoTV decoder’s ICU Number,

  • Click Continue
  • You will be redirected to a more secured billing gateway where you can then enter your debit card (Visa Card, MasterCard or Debit Card are acceptable) details to make the payment.
  • Now recheck to confirm debit card information provided
  • Then Click on the Pay button to make payment. A Convenience Fee of N100 is also charged by Quickteller as part of the payment.

pay gotv online

  • Wait few minutes after the payment to allow it take effect on your decoder and within 3 – 5 minutes your GoTV should be back on.

TV Subscription – How to Pay GoTV Online with GoTV Self-Service

There is another quick and easy method If you are not a fan of the above step and you do not want to use Quickteller you can as well pay using GoTV’s Eazy self-service portal. With Eazy Self-Service subscribers can easily pay own subscription or for a friend/family irrespective of your location to do this follow below steps

  • Visit the self-service portal here on your browser.
  • Enter your IUC Number( Check the red label at the back of the decoder.)
  • Now enter the captcha code to confirm you are not a robot.
  • Click on Verify when done.
  • And finally, enter your card details and proceed with Payment
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You can always use any of these two ways to pay GoTV online and subscribe right from the comfort of your room.

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