PLEXCOIN- the truly decentralized crypto currency pre-sale at $0.13 USD

It’s not news saying that cryptocurrency would do to bank what email did to post office. In 2009, when bitcoin was introduced, it was labeled as a scam, but today, it’s being accepted by most countries, including the Central Bank of Nigeria,(CBN).

At the moment, Plexcoin is giving us another opportunity and a means to join those who had made millions, even billion through cryptocurrency(aka digital currency ). For those who miss the opportunity Bitcoin presented back in 2009, this is your time to get in.

In case you don’t know much about cryptocurrency, you can enlighten yourself via google, however, let me give you some breakdowns:

In 2009,

  • 1btc= 1cent


  • 1btc = $4735USD you can google this.
  • 1btc= N1.5million -1.8million NGN as at today.

Technical analysis and fundamental analysis forecast that by the end of 2017, 1btc would be $8000USD. Also, early this year 2017, the forecast said that 1btc would be $2100 before the end of the year, nobody believed it, but the truth is 1btc is now $4735 and the equivalent of N1.5million-N1.8million NGN as at the time I’m posting this.

You can verify this on, luno, coin base, nairaswitch, etc. Imagine that you bought $100 worth of BTC in 2009 that’s about 1,000,000btc, how much that would be in USD and in Nigeria Naira…

The person who bought 2 pizza with about 2000btc in 2004 is annoyed at himself having seen that BTC is appreciating in value against the dollar day by day, I bet now he’d wished he could return the pizza and get his coin back… I wish he could do that too but you know, you can’t eat your cake and have it.

Another opportunity has come for you to invest, plexcoin is now on initial coin offering  (ICO) pre-sale. And it is 13cent per plexcoin


From 13cent up to 88cent, and a potential launching market price of about $1.76 by October. Meaning if you buy plexcoin worth of $100 at $0.13, you will have 769plx + (38plx) 5%plx bonus ==>807plx, By October after the launch, you could have a total of: 807 x 1.76==> $1420

you will have : 769plx + (38plx) 5%plx bonus ==>807plx, By October after the launch, you could have a total of: 807 x 1.76==> $1420

The above value is a potential value of P (The plexcoin value ) after launch could be more or less but it surely will give you some profit by October if you are willing to sell.

Moreover, the Fundamental and Technical analysis says it could reach $50-$100USD by the end of 2018. Imagine how much 1000plx would be by then that’s  $100,000USD.

I bet you don’t want to miss this opportunity too. There about 103,000 people on the waiting list to buy…

You can register now and book a space for yourself while you preorder on buying or not, at least just get a space now in case you would buy after you must have done your research.. however, I’d advise that you buy a few before the presale ends to enjoy the bonus.

You can buy directly using ur visa or master credit card or debit card. Paypal, Bitcoin (btc), etheruem(eth) and lite coin(ltc) are other payment methods.

You can invest as low as $1 USD (N365 CBN RATE), however, considering the transaction charges, I’d advise you invest a reasonable amount.

To earn 5% bonus on your purchased coin, simply click here to register…

For more information and on how to purchase from anywhere in the world you can pm me on WhatsApp or telegram on +2349037944749

Remember this saying “the future belongs to the risk takers…and don’t forget PLEXCOIN is another opportunity for you to invest on the initial coin offering (ICO) pre-sale in Nigeria Buy yours now and thank me later.

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