Guide to Restore Old YouTube Layout on Desktop and Mobile

Some of the question being asked on Google since it rolled out its new update includes How do I change the layout of my YouTube channel? Well this guide will teach you how to Restore old YouTube layout and go back to the old YouTube interface by simply following this steps

You’d recall that the largest video sharing website YouTube late last month eventually rolled out its new user interface. Although the New UI has been in the beta stage for quite some time not until 29th, of August 2017.

old youtube vs new youtube

If you are a regular user of YouTube you would notice the new interface elegantly set as the default UI for all users but here is the clause. The New YouTube Layout has been receiving series of bad reviews since its launch

Few issues of the new YouTube Interface

Some say the New YouTube design lacks the option to view stats, in other words, it is now difficult to know how many viewing a video has got in the video description. This among other key features is said to be missing

Another issue is that users now find it very hard to playlist video from a specific video. also, locating the Video manager has become a die hard task.

How to Restore old YouTube layout and go back to the old YouTube interface

I know you are eager to revert back that is why without any more delay. I will guide you on how to revert back to the old UI

  • First, Sign in your Youtube account
  • Click on user icon located at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Now Click on “Restore Old YouTube”.
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Restore Old YouTube Layout

  • State your reason for going back.
  • And Finally, Click “Submit”.

Yes! You have successfully reverted back to YouTube old design and if in the nearest future you intend to check back, then go to and you’ll be ported to the new Layout.

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