How to Create Multiple Windows on Android using Split-Screen Creator

Have you ever wished to kill two birds with a stone? What about trying to run multiple windows or apps on the same screen on your Android. All these can be achieved with a third party app called Split – Screen Creator some Android phone default support this screen splitting feature in the likes of Samsung Galaxy S8 & Gionee M6 while other don’t.

It appeared today is a lucky day for those whose Android phone does not support this feature so, in this article, I will be teaching you how to split your phone screen to run two apps on same screen interface. don’t ask how just keep reading you will find out soon enough.

How to Create Multiple Windows on Android

Let me give you an insight on how this screen splitting can benefit you; you might be watching a movie or let say a live video from YouTube, maybe you are even playing a game. Then suddenly you receive a notification message from your WhatsApp chat just pop up lo and behold it your friend but you just don’t want to quit this game or movie. All your intention was to pend that message till you will be through with what you’re doing.

On the other hand, you know very well in your heart that your friend might get pissed off thinking you’re snubbing him/her. To save the stress and keep the enjoyment bubbling Screen – Split Creator is the only way to enable you to maintain balance with all those queries.

While you will be learning how to split your phone screen to run two apps be sure to let your friend aware that this will also enable them to perform multiple tasks with their android phone on the same screen interface also pass it on to as many people you can reach and let them enjoy the fun.

Before bringing the cat out of the bag, I want you to know that when you launch the app, the launcher icon will still be seen (visible) but nothing can be impossible for a tech geek; in order to remove that, you will need to upgrade to a pro version.

In addition to all, Split Screen Creator performs its function by creating widgets. first, you need to add a widget in an open space on the home screen. Doing this will enable you to select the app you would like to add to the shortcut. Now draw your ears and listen carefully.

The app you want to add a shortcut for must be supported by the Split Screen Creator else a shortcut for the app you want to add will not be created. All am trying to say is that make sure you have apps that are supported by the multi window function before even making an attempt to create a split screen.

Split-Screen Creator APK

Features of split-screen creator

Split-Screen Creator makes a shortcut to instantly launch two apps in multi-window mode” – Android Police
✔ “Split-Screen Creator brings the Galaxy Note 8’s ‘App Pair’ feature to any Android phone” – 9to5Google
✔ “Quick Launch Apps In Multi-Window With Split-Screen Creator” – These are quotes from Android Headlines


  • Create unlimited shortcuts to automatically launch two apps in split-screen mode;
  • Launch the same app in two different windows.
  • Supports other app shortcuts;
  • Icon pack support;
  • Hide icon from home launcher;

Android Split screen: WILL IT WORK ON MY PHONE?

Here is where users need to pay attention before rushing to download the app, one unfortunate thing is that it the app only works on supported launchers of which we do not really have a specific answer for that, but note that Android Nougat must be installed on your phone in order for it to run


The app is available on Google Play Store Or just download Split-Screen Creator. By Now You must have known how to split your phone to run two apps on the same screen interface, if you find this article useful, be sure to pass it on to others by using the share buttons below.


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