Your techy brain need some rest too, see what Kayode as to say.

Human brain can be likened to a gadget which gets tired after been excessively used, Well read what Kayode as to say on how to stop feeling Dizzy while working as a tech enthusiast

The brain is a vital part of the body and it controls almost all the activities going on in the body. As some geniuses do say ” the brain doesn’t get tired” which is true. When you engage yourself in an activity for a very long time no doubt you will begin to get tired of it, even if you are playing a video game, football e.t.c. doing all these for a very long time will make you get weak and in excess could make dizziness set in.

How to stop feeling dizzy

What really happens when you get tired is this; your body is extremely weak in the sense that there is no more energy who h is usually in form of glycogen in the body again, which means you have used up everything during the course of your activities. Now the brain being the master tool in the body senses this and send you a message that your body is weak and it needs rest. Then that will now make you take necessary actions like going to take a shower, relaxing, eating and so on.

The result of dizziness is as a result of the continuous message being sent by the brain. You might ask me how? When your body needs rest and energy, your brain makes you realize that and when you don’t respond to it you are wearing out the brain because it will continue to send the same message to you until your body has being attended to.

Now if you refuse to take necessary action quickly, the brain will get weak because it has wasted all of its energy sending a particular message to you. It is just like sending the same message to someone for like 100 times, imagine what will happen to the airtime on your phone they will get used up and you will no longer be able to send any messages until you resubscribe the same thing is applicable to the brain.

When it gets worn out there will be no energy left to power it so it tends to stop all its function for a moment in order to gather some few energy from the body, this stage is when you begin to feel dizzy and might eventually faint.

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This is not the only causes of dizziness, there is a lot more cause out there of which most of them are our doing don’t ask me how ? just keep reading and you will finally get to find out. If you often get dizzy and you are looking for a way to stop it, then I must congratulate you because this article contains all the help needed on how to stop feeling Dizzy, causes, prevention, and treatment so sits back and enjoy.

Too Much Stress:

This has been confirmed to be the major cause of dizziness, over stressing the body could damage the brain cells making it forget most of the things it knows. Some work for longer hours that is beyond the capacity the body can carry which will affect not only the brain but the body because, when the brain which is the master worker in the body gets to affect the other parts that it controls will also be affected.


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Here is one major this you don’t know and need to know; the brain requires you to switch activities from time to time, this principle is essential and does not only benefits the brain alone but the body.

Here is what I mean; a guy who plays a chess game for some hours will definitely get tired, why? It is not because his brain is tired but that part of his brain responsible for social activities are worn out. Let me tell you this if you don’t know; there are various part of the brain responsible for various activities we do, a part is for social activities, another for calculating and one is for reasoning.

Now when that part of his brain that controls social activities gets worn out, that is when he gets tired of the game and it will eventually become boring to him. Now there are two options available to do; it is either he takes a break from taking a nap or doing some other activities that aren’t similar to what he had been doing.

If he decides to go somewhere to think,it might be a good idea but will not if he was playing a chess game with his friend because, chess is a game that requires you to think before acting and there is a part of the brain that is responsible for that, so moving on to think after getting tired of the chess game will make his brain pound because that same part of the brain


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How to stop feeling Dizzy as a tech enthusiast

  • Relax and get some rest
  • Take a deep breath
  • Drink water
  • Go for a massage
  • Shut down your smartphone for a while

Well I hope with this little insight of mine, you have learned a thing or another on how to stop feeling Dizzy regardless of how occupied a person you are

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