Use WhatsApp For Free on 9mobile with Office VPN

Today is another brighter morning and here’s how to Use WhatsApp For Free on 9mobile with Office VPN on Android phones. What this means is that with this trick subscribers can now chat, send messages on WhatsApp without Data, Subscription or Airtime. am sure you’d love to find out more, then read on.

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You’ll agree with me that one of the largest Instant Messaging (IM) App is WhatsApp, The widely used Messaging app as more active users globally than any other and hardly is there a household without one or two users. as a matter of fact, WhatsApp is installed on almost 80% of the world Android smartphones.

As widely accepted as the App is, it doesn’t work freely without users having active data on their line but with Office VPN 9mobile subscribers can now enjoy WhatsApp without data or airtime. just as I have stated, This free WhatsApp trick is available only for users on the 9mobile network.


I know you are wondering how possible is it for this app to enable WhatsApp for free, well its simple, Office VPN automatically detect the best location for your virtual IP and look you up to the best server. Interestingly there is no settings or manual configurations needed Just download, install, run and click on the GO button and you are connected.


  • 9Mobile SIM (Etisalat NG SIM) with 0.00kb balance preferably
  • Android Phone or tablet
  • stable 9Mobile 3G network
  • Office VPN
  • And lastly, you need WhatsApp
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1. Download and install Office VPN
2. Launch
3. Ensure data connection is enabled

Free Whatsapp on 9mobile via Office VPN
4. Click on GO and wait for few secs to connect. (It’ll automatically select a better performing server and connect you to it, depending on your location).

5. When connected, you can now use WhatsApp Messenger for free. (NOTE: 39MINS BEFORE IT DISCONNECT)

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To enjoy more time and increase the minutes to hours and even add more hours click on “get more time”. An advert will pop up then you will get more connection time. This is done in a way to support the developers of the app. although it works mainly on WhatsApp but can also be used for unlimited free browsing with office VPN via opera mini

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