8 things You Can Do With Infinix Note 4 Pro X Pen

In this Guide you will learn 8 Things You Can Do With Infinix Note 4 Pro X Pen Such as Drawing, writing, Take screenshot etc and how to effectively use the XPen

Infinix mobility Note 4 Pro is no longer new but there is always some details left untapped so for those using one of this and for the purpose of today’s article we shall be considering 8 Amazing things you can do using Pen

8 Things You Can Do With Infinix Note 4 Pro X-Pen 

1. Charge
To do this you need to flip open the Note 4 Pro pouch and insert the X-Pen gently into the holster and in about 17 seconds you should have yourself a full charge.

2. Popup the X Pen
Now to start using after fully charged then press the memo which helps eject the pen

Air command includes Note, Smart select, Memo, Screenwrite and Add shortcuts

3. Drawing
Give you real experience and amazing effect to drawing and writing
4. Smart select: Take screenshot as your preference

5. Memo: Write down your ideas anytime and anywhere

6. Screen write: Personalize your screenshot

7. Add shortcuts: Add more features into air command

8. Shortcuts
Unlock the phone, get close to the screen. Press the button once to quickly call out the air command. Press the button twice to quickly call out Memo.

Am sure with the above Guide you can now effectively make use of those untapped features of Infinix Note 4 Pro X-Pen without any issues.

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