RIP Windows Phone – Microsoft VP Says Windows Mobile is gradually heading to graveyard

Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore in a series of tweet yesterday said that the company windows 10 mobile is gradually on it’s ways to the graveyard with no hope for resurrection. 

Rip to Windows phone

He said:

We know that Windows 10 Mobile is also slowly but steadily heading to the product graveyard of Microsoft. – Joe Belfiore

This is indeed a bad news for Windows Phone users but judging by the recent released from smartphone manufacturers seeing devices loaded with some down to earth features one can easily guess that most Microsoft users will likely ditch their device for android or iphone

Joe Belfiore tweet about Windows Mobile Though Microsoft will keep supporting the platform with bug fixes but there wont be any new features or hardware from the company.
This could be one of the reason Microsoft decided to release its Edge browser that was exclusive to Windows devices to Android and iOS platform

Joe Belfiore explains why windows phone died

Windows Mobile diesAccording to him developers never really liked the platform making it difficult for Microsoft to find partners to work with. Moreso the low number of users wasn’t encouraging for investores to push further.
Even the might Windows 10 could not save them. Well R.I.P Windows Phone!

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