How to reduce Android Phone Screen Brightness less than minimum limit

Have you ever wondered how you can easily reduce your Android phone Screen brightness below or less than normal minimum limit? If so then you right where you need be. The eyes they say is the light and you sure want to protect them don’t you?

Sometimes in October, I changed my smartphone from infinix note 2 pro to infinix note 4, little did I pay much attention to the slight differences in screen brightness not after a month when I start to feel headaches mostly at midnight as well as in the morning.

At first, I thought it was just the usual headache not after days using drugs but still no changes, Yes I had felt something like this during my late night reading days in school and was diagnosed to be a migrane headache, so I thought my late night working online is finally getting back at me.

As expected, I searched online, Googled all I could not until I got tird and did some test, bought all sorts of expensive prescribed drugs by Doctors but all to no avail, 3 weeks after yet still battles with it, but then I had always noticed each time I try to work few mins either on my laptop or phone I start to feel the aches but as a web developer and a blogger its hard not working on this two gadgets.

Then a friend called my attention to her story, how she battled with a headache not until she was forced to go check her eyes, what.?? Then my brain flies straight to my infinix note 4 screen brightness oh despite always at the least yet at night it gets a little brighter than my eye was possibly user too with my ex-note 2.

I don’t know if your story is similar to mine, either ways before your smartphone get the better of your eye its best you deal with it and here to reduce your Android phone screen brightness below the normal or default limit there are several free apps on Google Play Store and am going to list a few of it.

How To Reduce Android Phone Screen Brightness Less Than Minimum Limit

On my infinix note 4 I installed Screen filter to reduce the phone brightness below normal or default limit and it helps

Download Screen filter on Play Store

Screen filter on infinix note 4

Although there are a few other apps that does a great job but Screen filter is free from in-app ads making it most preferred but you can check other from the list below to see which suits you

Best 18 Apps To Dim or Reduce Android Screen Brightness Than Minimum Limit

  • Bluelight Filter for Android
  • RootDim
  • Screen Filter
  • Twilight app for Android
  • Night Mode
  • Lux Lite
  • CF.Lumen
  • Velis Auto Brightness
  • Night Screen
  • Dimly
  • Screen Dimmer
  • Configurable brightness preset
  • IntelliScreen – screen control
  • Night Owl – Screen Dimmer
  • EasyEyes
  • Night Mode Screen Dimmer
  • Darker
  • Blackout Screen Dimmer

Check alsomethods to take screenshots on infinix phones

Don’t worry either of them can solve your quests for how to reduce Android phone brightness below or less than minimum limit. As a matter of urgency, you need to install one of these apps to make your phone fit for night use.

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