How You Can Create or Thread your Tweets Together on Twitter

Have you been trying series of guidelines on to create a Twitter thread? If yes then here is the best and simple step to link all tweets within a topic together which allow you to easily access them in one place, sounds cool right? then read on.

Imagine been able to read all tweet or replies to a certain topic on Twitter in one place, this is exactly what the new feature introduced by the second largest social network does, Now when you open any tweets, you would be able to see both previous and subsequent tweets in the thread

Thread your tweets

Bear in mind that the old character limit of 280 is very much in place as each line will show a tweet, Interestingly, users can as well upload the same amount of media including GIFs, images, videos, and others to any tweet in the thread, just as you could on Twitter

How to Create a Twitter Thread

  1. Simply write your tweet just as you would
  2. Click the plus button to add the next tweet to your thread
  3. Repeat step 2 to add as many tweets to your thread ( Max. 25 entries )
  4. And finally, tap on the publish button

How to Identify a Twitter Thread

To identify a Twitter Threads is simple, any tweet with a ‘Show this thread’ label is one, simply tap on it to see the entire thread.

Although the maximum entries for a thread presently are 25, this may increase anytime soon, according to Twitter, it says the change will largely depend on how the feature is adopted by most users and we expect to see it rolls out to Android, iOS, and web soonest.

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