Top 8 Facebook Year in Review 2017 Highlights

Here are the Top 8 Facebook Year in Review 2017 Highlights, As you already know that the year is at it final peak and Facebook rolled out the annual year review video for all member of the Community.

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 Highlights for Facebook Year in Review 2017

This review video contains a unique personalized video which will be showing the top highlights if every individual user for the year, if you want to know how to see your own Facebook year in Review Video, you can check our previous article or better still, click here to see the steps involved to perform the task.

Let’s brief you on some of the highlights for 2017 Facebook Year in Review, below are the top 8 highlights; this avenue creates an opportunity for people around the world to join or support a cause of an event or the other.

Top 8 Facebook Year in Review 2017 Highlights

  1. International Women’s Day: The Facebook Women’s Day remains the most trending moment till date on Facebook. During this period, women were being celebrated worldwide.
  2. Super Bowl 51: Certainly, everyone must be aware of the Super Bowl and it is always a big one that contains A-list celebrities appearing worldwide. On this very day, many fans expressed their happiness on their Facebook News Feed and in fact, more than 262 million views were recorded on the platform.
  3. Las Vegas Shooting: This very day happens to be one of the saddest moment in 2017, and has gained a lot of support form Facebook users, where more than 3,300 people came together to offer help by making use of the Crisis response tools which contributed a lot in terms of relief to the incident.
  4. Earthquake in Mexico:  In fact, this was a moment that was very touching, but to our greatest surprise, the natural disaster response on Facebook drove the highest number of total interactions within Crisis Response on Facebook of the year. And help was granted by many of which most donated funds and support was on Facebook.
  5. Hurricane Harvey:  This is another natural disaster that people spread around on Facebook and to our amazement, a total sum of more than $20 million was recorded to be donated and this happens to be the largest fundraising amount from Facebook in 2017.
  6. One Love Manchester: This terror attack happened during singer Arianna Grande’s concert in Manchester. After the attack, a benefit concert was organized and it was broadcasted live on Facebook recording more than 80 million views. More than $450,000 was also raised for those affected by the attack.
  7. Total Solar Eclipse:  Just as we a know that eclipse doesn’t happen too often and anytime it does, people are usually on standby to see this amazing sky view moment this has prompted about more than 20,000 Facebook events worldwide.
  8. Women’s March on DC: During this period, more than 500,000 Facebook events were recorded on January 21st, 2017 Women’s March on DC and it happens to be the largest number of the Facebook event for a single cause that occurs in 2017.

Given above are the top 8 trending highlights for 2017 Facebook Year in Review. However, if you are still wandering about and yet haven’t seen your own personalized Facebook Year in Review video for this year (2017), then click here.

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