How to See or Create Facebook Year in Review 2017 Video

You don’t want to miss this guide on how to see, edit and create Facebook Year in Review video for 2017. literally, people share virtually everything on FB, places they’ve been, persons they’ve met, the food they’ve eaten, things they’ve bought and parties they’ve celebrated and lots more with their social media friends.

However all of these activities might be exciting, but there is a little to what we can remember when the year finally runs out, since we are humans and not programmed robots.

Create Facebook Year in Review 2017 Video

Technically, our brains have its own limitations and cannot recall virtually all the activities we’ve experienced and posted throughout the year on Facebook, and that is why we will be teaching you How to see, edit and create Facebook Year in Review video for 2017.

Just last year Facebook rolled out the Year in Review video and has enabled Facebook users to share their favorite memories with families or friends. But during that time, there was a limitation to its usage in the sense that you won’t be able to select what you want to share with your families or friends, instead, Facebook will automatically upload video at the top of your Newsfeeds when it’s finally ready.

Facebook is really doing all they can to improve their community, and one way to make this happen is the 2017 Review video which is another way of enabling people to connect with each other. We want to bring this to your notice that your Year Review video is a personalized video, arranged for you by Facebook, and this will not contain just video but may also include; posts ( including pictures) shared by you or probably the ones in which you were tagged in.

How to See or Create Facebook Year in Review 2017 Video

To begin with, your Facebook Year in Review video should be available automatically at the top of your News Feed that notwithstanding you will receive a notification when the video is ready after which, you can now tap on it to see your video.

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However, If you are unable to see the video or get a notification, then there is no need to worry, simply visit the Year in Review page here to see your video in an instant. In addition, below is an alternative way you can see your review video,

  • Open the search bar
  • Type in the search bar field “year in review”,
  • Finally, click on the second result and there you have it.

How to Share Your Facebook Year in Review Video

Provided you must have seen your video, following the procedure highlighted above, click on Share Video After that make a choice (i.e select those you want to share it to) of who you want to share with or better still, you can decide to leave it on default, but keep in mind that the video will be shared with all your friends if it is on default. Click on Post.You can also use the Share button immediately when the video appears on your News Feed.

How to Edit Facebook Year in Review Video 2017

What if after seeing your video, you were not satisfied with it (some might feel that way) then follow the steps below to edit the video;

  • Click on the Edit Video
  • Select photos you want to add or remove
  • Finally, you can now Share and post ( you are done!)

With all these, that is how to create Facebook Year in Review 2017 video. However let hear from you, did you like your video?. Share your experience with us by using the comments box below, also let your friends be aware of this, and the easiest way to do that is to kindly share this article with them.

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