Forgot your phone password? Here’s how to change Smartphone password on computer

Have you ever forgotten your phone password? Here’s how you can change Smartphone password on a computer without having to Factory Reset or lose any important files, documents, videos e.t.c on the device.

In today’s Guide, we shall be considering how to go about changing your phone password through a computer without losing all your data’s. The most interesting part is that I have tried various methods and all are still the same result.
Here's how to change your android phone password using a computer

Imagine if you could change or view your phone password using a computer well the idea is based on this; once the mobile device is connected to the computer via USB cord then it will be accessed using a program called command prompt popularly known by a window to be CMD.

How to change Android phone password on a computer?

Here is what I did you can also try it and see whether it will work for you;

I connected my Android phone to a Windows 7 laptop via USB,I then selected USB options from my phone that will enable the computer to have access to the CD-Rom of my device.

After that I launched cmd prompt then I wrote a command that will enable the system open my phone drive when I did that it worked but does not have any directories only files which are of no use to me.

All am trying to say is that I was unable to have access to the ROM of my phone from the laptop but I will not stop until I finally find a solution to it.

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Once have accomplished that idea,I will make sure you are updated, should in case you have also tried it and it works kindly share to us by making use of the comment box below so we would know where we are getting it wrong.

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