How to get a cheap Android smartphone with decent specs in Nigeria

You need a smartphone that will offer decent specs but there is just one problem that keeps popping up; the ones you find seem to exceed your budgeted value in the sense that they are too expensive. There are other smartphones that sell at a cheaper price but their specs are just not what you need in a smartphone.
How to get a cheap android smartphone featuring decent specs

You are fed up and even planning on going for any smartphone that just comes your way either with good or bad features.If that is the case then you are in the right place for help and comfort, this article will give you the necessary guidance to get a cheap smartphone with decent specs.

Tips to get a cheap Android smartphone with decent specs in Nigeria

Mobile devices popularity nowadays is beyond what you and I can think of, this is as a result of its great importance to the society.Daily, new phones are being released by different manufacturers all attempting to get them into the hands of a buyer.

And as such some people sell their devices to get the latest one in town, indirectly we can say as the number of smartphone users increases, so does the number of their manufacturers, this has lead to competition between phone companies.

In order for smartphone manufacturers to get the attention of people, they tend to make the price of their device affordable to prompt a lot of buyers.

One funny thing is that the price of such phones are not stable and may increase after a month, this is because they have made the device popular with the price tag set so they decide to increase it later on since it is now the top-notch smartphone in town.

But do you know there are some phone companies that exists but you haven’t heard of, you might doubt me

Let say you have a sum of $300 and you were surfing for phones on the internet to buy,then you came across Xiaomi mi 5x ,immediately the device will attract you.

What if you later saw one named Mpie Y12 or any other name that haven’t come across you ear before.

But what will you say when you see this cheap?

No doubt chances are high that you will not want to take a look at it, or will not be moved to purchase it because there is a belief that most of those devices are scam and don’t give the stated specs.

We all know there are some smartphones that claim to be dope but they are not that is why in our next article,I will be teaching you a simple way to tell if the specs of a phone seen online are real,however, let focus on the main topic;

How to get a cheap Android smartphone online with decent specs in Nigeria

  • First, understand the reason why you need one , if it is because of music then I recommend purchasing an mp3 player.
  • Identity the specs you need in a phone
  • Set price range, how much do you have? how much can you spare if the phone cost just a value ahead of your budgeted money?
  • Start searching, I am not saying you should move from one phone shop to another searching for a cheap smartphone, you can achieve that within your comfort zone.
  • Get your laptop if you don’t have borrow one, you can also make use of a phone but chances are high that you will get a cheap phone faster with a laptop or desktop,
  • Once you have that launch your browser, open an online shopping store website where phones are sold,keep it in mind that there are tons of them which include scams so be careful here are some trusted sites for shopping online; Jumia, Konga, Aliexpress, gear best e.t.c
  • Don’t make use of the search box to look for a phone, this is the common mistake people make, just move to the phones available on the websites and keep scrolling.
  • But before that make sure you set the price range you want, this can be done on the website you are shopping on. It is really essential you set price range on the website so that smartphones that cost around your budgeted money will show up
  • This point is where unpopular phone manufacturers product comes up, featuring nice specs.
  • Then you can start reviewing on each one of them, looking for your desired specs

You don’t need to go for top brands smartphone because they definitely cost more than the money you budgeted. Have you finally found a device that seems appealing? here is the question; are the specs real or counterfeit? our future post will be shed more light on that so you won’t end up being a victim.

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