Chrome Hacks – Browse Local Files in Android

Chrome Hacks – Browse Local Files in Android

Learn How to open your Mobile Files on Chrome using this simple code

Today i will teach you guys simple tricky technique you can use to opn your SD card files of Localfiles on your Android device ifit has a chrome browser. Appar from just browse with your chrome, it is becoming more useful too. With this Chrome Hacks – Browse Local Files in Android you will be able to access your SD card through Chrome browser on Android. Understand that the beauty is to easily go through files withouth necesary goinng to the storage itself but you ont be able to delete files ising this method.

Features for Chrome Hacks – Browse Local Files in Android

  1. By typing file:///sdcard/ You will only view folders
  2. Open locally stored files
  3. Yu can play music
  4. Play videos
  5. View images.

It’s very simple. I’ll quickly show you how to access your local storage (SD card) on Chrome browser for Android

How to Browse / Open SD Card Files On Chrome for Android

To open locally stored files in your mobile using Chrome or any other browser:  type this in Chrome address bar file:///sdcard/


It will open the contents (both hidden folders) of your SD card. You can tap on any folder to open it. Your file structure is displayed clearly in the browser itself.

Chrome Hacks - Browse Local Files in Android

Other Commands include

file:/// – By typing this, it will display the entire directory and file structure of all the files present in your phone

file:///storage/ – Type this command to view the storage medium

file:///sdcard/ – tDo this ifff you want to view the contents of your SD card.

You may enter some commands, since such folders does not exist, you will get  “Access to the file was denied“. So just play arounf with your device and have a good time. If this was helpful? if so share Follow on Facebook @OfficialGeeksNG

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