How to Encrypt Wildcard SSL Free

How to Encrypt Wildcard SSL Free

Today, I will Teach webmaster/Developers How to Encrypt Wildcard SSL Free

If you happen to be a website owner, one thing is to make sure your website is SSL secured. Recently, Google introduced updates that makes it unpleasant to a website who don’t have the Https:// certificate enabled on the url of there website, https looks like this when you visit a good website:

ssl wild card free

So if you follow the instructions given below properly, you will be able to install fEncrypt Wildcard SSL Free for all domain names hosted. This is an additional option on top of the automatic issuance of the standard Let’s Encrypt certificate that has been considered very crucial since 2016. The Wildcard significantly simplifies the management of websites with multiple subdomains, as a single SSL covers the primary domain together with all of its subdomains.

What is Wildcard SSL?
The Wildcard SSL encrypts the traffic for your primary domain and all of its subdomains (e.g., as opposed to the standard SSL that can only be installed on a single domain. This is particularly useful for websites with different sections divided by subdomains (like online stores, websites with message boards, chats, multi-language websites, etc). Instead of having different certificates for each of your subdomains, you can now encrypt all of them with a single SSL, making it easier to set up and maintain websites with multiple subdomains.

How to Encrypt Wildcard SSL Free

How to get a free Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL?
You can get a Webhosting on Sitegound,or Interserver Web Hosting and VPS Plans upgrade your existing standard Let’s Encrypt certificates or install new Wildcard ones in the Let’s Encrypt Tool, located in your cPanel on your hosting account, all Encrypt Wildcard SSL Free and installations are absolutely free. Learn more about the installation and management of Let’s Encrypt SSL in our next tutorial on

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Remember: This service has been tested on Siteground Hosting, and Siteground are very helpful when it comes to installing the standard Let’s Encrypt certificate for every new domain name. If you don’t have subdomains, you can stick with it and you don’t have to do anything else to keep your website traffic encrypted.

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