Face Recognition for Facebook Protection

Face Recognition for Facebook Protection

How To Protect Your Identity On Facebook With Face Recognition Technology

I am so impressed with the introduction of Facebook Face Detection technology, a new innovative way introduced by the developers of Facebook, to help users get alert when anyone uses their picture or uploads a video that shows them within. I am very sure you are not new to Facebook Face Detection. Before now, what we simply have is this, when a user uploads a picture, facebook automatically crop the faces of the people on it, and ask you to Tag them, very powerful technology here, in this case, all i need to do is Tag anyone whose face was picked by the

Face Recognition for Facebook Protection

Face Recognition for Facebook Protection


Facebook is the Largest Social Network on the internet world, with about  2.2 billion monthly active users, this has not been an easy job for Humans Admins to handle, I dont think it will be posible for humans to monitor the activite of every users that means Facebook will employ almost half of the world populatin, which is impossible. So to keep protecting each user, Facebook use some level of technology, AI, to perform some administrative task. Read Also – Instagram Chronological 

Facebook is a social network that is open to anyone, in this case, the Good, Bad and Ugly, and you wont just know precisely who is loggin in at a particlular time excpet those who have been blacklisted. This open opportunity has made users prone to abusses. Few years ago, I create different Facebook accounts, and I use other peoples images, also I read a case of a user who first registered on Facebook, few moments the user sent request to Byeonce, not knowing this was a Fake Beyonce account becasue the so called Beyounce accpted the request and demanded for Airtime! This type of fraudulent scenarios is what Facebook tend to face year in Year out. and with the introduction of Face Recognition for Facebook Protection, you get alerted when anyone on the Facebook platform uses your image. This will help you prevent people from impersonating your identiy on Facebook.

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Steps to detect Fake Facebook Profile Picture

  1.  When an image featuring your face is uploaded on facebook, the Facebook  user will notice a dialogue box pop up
  2. Whenever you noticed this notice, from there you decide to choose if you wish to tag yourself
  3. You can infor  the user who posted it on your decison
  4. Apart from making the above choice, you can also tell Facebook refuting its you
  5. In such case it will be posible to report the picture for violating the site’s rules.

In addition, users will now be informed if an unauthorized user uploads a profile picture of you. Facebook has been fighting Data and information theft, abuse, adult content, abuive and hate speech on its platform. Like we studed earlier, facebook is an open Social Network with over 2.2 Billion users, and as such, data protection is not as easy as we desire it, in such case we have a role to play. Dont discole personal informtion on Facebook, you are not 100% protected and Facebook knows this.

What more experiences have you had in recent use of the Facebook platform? Let Geeksng.com know, kindly drop a comment, Thanks

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