Instagram Chronological Feed is back

Instagram Chronological Feed

Is Instagram Chronological Feed Is Back A Good Idea?

News making the headlines as investigated by was discovered to be the gradual appearance of a new update on Instagram, which was the Instagram Chronological Feed.This to some is a positive development especially those who missed the chronological feed that was introduced two years back.


If you miss the gist, here is a recap of Instagram chronologic feed, basically when you hear about this, its an update on Instagram whereby Instagram is beta testing a chronological timeline feature. This was powered by an algorithm that automatically brought up images from people you communicate with most or recently followed accounts and pushed other content further down the timeline. The logic here was that regardless of what time of the day you open the app, the accounts you care about most will always be on top.

Instagram Chronological Feed

If Instagram Chronological Feed  Is So  Good Idea, Does Statistics Show It?

Based of reviews by users such as Gunnar Freyr (@icelandic_explorer) who happen to be part of users to experience this update, posted a video in his Instagram story of scrolling through his now chronological timeline. Gunnar Freyr has not been the only person who has experienced this, some Instagram, in turn, reported noticing this new Instagram chronological feed updates.

This is by far a sure sign that Instagram is going back to the way it was, but it’s a good clue that they have listened to the feedback and may be entertaining the thought of bringing back chronological feeds.

What Geeksng Thinks about Instagram Chronological Feed

Well, our take on this may be as yours. Though Facebook may be the owner and final decision maker, any update should reflect what the end users want. if the Instagram Chronological Feed makes users offended, then the full implementation of the display of feed in a Chronological order should not be a project to be enforced on all users.
From Jack Harding’s IG story, this is a sign that not everyone being able to see your feed in real time again may not be everyone dream.
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