5 AdSense Auto ads Benefits

5 AdSense Auto ads Benefits

Are you using AdSense Auto ads yet? Here are few reasons you should give it a try

Introducing the new AdSense Auto ads

A few months Ago, from 2017, Google Adsense, the largest online advertising agency, which helps website owners earn money from advertisement, introduced a solution to Ads placement. One of the biggest issues has been the best position Ads could be placed to help publishers get the best from their Ads placement. Previously, Google kept suggesting positions to publishers, however, this happens to be very technical as many websites could not find the perfect position probably because they happen to be less experienced.

If you’re looking to increase your revenue potential and save time, Google Adsense has a solution for you. Adsense brought the power of machine learning to AdSense Auto ads – a new way to place ads automatically on your site. Auto ads balance revenue and user experience by delivering the right ad at the right time to your visitors these are some AdSense Auto ads Benefits.

5 AdSense Auto ads Benefits

You can use Auto ads independently or with your existing Google ads. Google scans the pages on your site, finds potential ad placements and shows new ads when they’re likely to perform well and provide a good user experience, consider reading – FACEBOOK MESSENGER ADS 

How Google AdSense Auto ads work!

To get started with Auto ads, visit your Auto ads page, copy the ad code, and paste it into the HTML of your pages, between the <head> tags. Remember to add all of the pages where you want to use Auto ads.

To use Auto ads in WordPress, you can either:

  1. Place the code on your WordPress theme or;
  2. For WordPress users, you can do so using a plugin to insert the code. We recommend that you use one of the plugins* that lets you make changes to the “header” of your site.
  3. *Note that Google is not responsible for malicious third-party themes or plugins.
    Auto ads: so be cautious of this

5 AdSense Auto ads Benefits

  1. One of the 5 AdSense Auto ads Benefits is that Ads are easy to use. With Auto ads you only need to place the same piece of ad code on each of your pages once. Google will then take care of the rest.
    Make smart choices on your behalf
  2. Google AdSense will only show Auto ads when they’re likely to perform well and provide a good user experience.
  3. Using the Auto Ads, you can increase your overall revenue:
  4. Google Adsense Auto ads work on their own or alongside your existing Google ads. If your site has more potential placements for monetization Auto ads will detect them.
  5. Finally, to wrap up 5 AdSense Auto ads Benefits, you begin to MAKE MORE MONEY
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