5 Advantages of stock Android

5 Advantages of stock Android

What is Stock Android and Non-Stock Android OS

Here is an informative and detailed explanation of stock Android and Skins Android something you never knew before. To begin with these clarifications and detailed enumeration of 5 advantages of stock Android, it’s important we know what these terms are in the first place before making any further explanation.

In a simple language, Stock Android is the basic version of the Android OS, unmodified version of Android designed and developed by Google who is the owners of the operating system. However, not all Android phones run on the Stock version. Some companies who also produce the different taste of Android phones, modify the OS to their liking. Android is an open-source operating system, which means, the code used in building this software is accessible to others, who modify it based on there researched preference. That is why today, we have several Android devices from different companies, running on that Android OS, but look and taste different, this is because different companies are able to access the Android source code and modify it.

Advantages of stock Android

These modified versions of Stock Android are often referred to as Android Skins. They are android quite alright but appear in different forms and features( Skins). These skins include Samsung Experience, HTC Sense, EMUI (Huawei), and OxygenOS (OnePlus), to name a few. Some skins, like Huawei’s EMUI, change the overall Android experience quite a bit, that you may never know they are Skin Android. Let’s take EMUI 5.0 for instance, which came along, manufacturers of Huawei smartphones didn’t have an app drawer. All the apps installed on a device were placed on the home screen, just like on iPhones.

Examples of Skins like OxygenOS from OnePlus that takes a different form, OxygenOS looks and feels almost exactly like stock Android but does have a few extra features on board.

Skins version of Android has some cool features

like reading mode, which filters out blue light for a better reading experience
App Locker which secures your data-sensitive apps from prying eyes
You can open an app of your choice by drawing an O, V, S, M, or W on the display while it’s turned off etc

The 5 Advantages of stock Android Are

1. Fast Updates: –
Manufacturers who stick to Stock Android, tend to benefit first when Google Upgrades to a new version of the Android OS read about Google OS Release Here . Meanwhile, Skin  OS manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and other smartphones typically have to wait longer get an update, even when they do, the need to sit down and make small modifications before releasing it out to the consumers.

2. Stock Android smartphones are bloatware-free:-

What this implies is that smartphones running on Stock, don’t come pre-installed with apps made by the manufacturer. Some of such apps are simply annoying and consume memory space, apps you won’t even use. If you have purchased a China Phone, you will see it comes along with Chinese written BloatApps.

3. Storage:-

If you happen to fall into my category, I love free space on my smartphone. Using Stock Android gives you that luxury, as stock typically takes up less space on your device compared to using modified versions of the OS which occupies memory from non-useful apps that were added to it by the manufacturer.

4. Simplicity:-

Another Advantages of stock Android is that most manufacturers using Skin OS will want to impress users with many designs and features just to win the market. This could lead to the clumsiness of your smartphone. Stock Android has a clean, minimalistic design which is simple. Google’s Custom Android work faster than many customized versions of the OS, except they work hard to eliminate such glitches.

5. Conclusion:-

Actually, Stock Android isn’t better or worse than skinned versions of the OS lets take for instance manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and many other companies. What now counts is what you prefer. After highlighting the 5 Advantages of stock Android, what wins at the end is you the user, what you prefer is what wins at the end of the day. If this tutorial was helpful, kindly drop a comment on your experience.

Authored by Max- Ayuba for Geeksng.com

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