Fast APN Settings Browse Faster Glo Network.

Fast APN Settings Browse Faster Glo Network.

If your Android Device is a Glo 4G LTE or 4G enabled phone, try this setings

Today, i will share a simple trick and tweak as relating to boosting browsing speed for Gl users. The truth is that most of we glo users encounter serious issues of poor browsing speed. However today, it will be possible for you using Fast APN Settings Browse Faster Glo Network to casue a little increase in speed when browsing with your Glo sim. In addition, you can CHECK OUT THE NEW APN SETTINGS FOR GLO 0.00KB FREE BROWSING VIA TWEAKWARE

This settings mainly works well on phone that supports Glo 4G LTE or 4G enabled phone. Try this settings if you get a good glo network in your location yet your browsing and downloading speed is slow. Otherwise, after applying this settings, you won’t notice any difference.


Fast APN Settings Browse Faster Glo Network.

Follow the below step by step process to enable you browse faster using glo Fast APN Settings Browse Faster Glo Network.

  1. Go to Settings in your phone
  2. Tap on Mobile Network
  3. Then tap on Access Point Names
  4. In the list, tap on gloflat
  5. Then scroll down and tap on “Bearer (Unspecified)” option.
  6. Tick these list of networks (LTE, HSPAP, HSPA, HSUPA, HSD PA).

Image Setting Illustration

Fast APN Settings Browse Faster Glo Network.

9 things to Note about GLO LTE

What is LTE?
LTE stands for “Long Term Evolution”. It is the evolution of standards for wireless network after 3G and is the most advance wireless technology offering Ultra Fast Internet speed.”. It is Glo’s latest offering, providing high speed internet service.

2. What can I do with Glo LTE service?
– Faster Download and Upload data Speeds. (Download a 1GB movie within a few minutes instead of hours or a 3MB music file in a few second instead of minutes).
– Watch a Ultra high definition videos with no buffering

3. What is the difference between 3G and LTE?
GLO LTE is multiple times faster than 3G network. LTE is the fastest wireless data technology available today in the World.

4. How do I get to use Glo LTE service?
– You can become a Glo LTE subscribers with the following three simple steps:
—- Get a LTE SIM from a Gloworld or swap your existing SIM.
—- Get a LTE enabled Smartphone
—- Dial *777# & buy a plan of your choice.
Enjoy this world class experience, once in LTE coverage area.

Fast APN Settings Browse Faster Glo Network

5. Where is LTE coverage available?
Service live in Lagos: Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Isla, Ajah and Akoka, Abuja: Maitama, Wuse, Asokoro, Garki/Central Business District and Airport Road, Port Harcourt: Aba Road, Trans Amadi, Diobu, Old GRA and UNIPORT, Benin, Warri, Eket, Jos, Zaria: ABU, Yola: ABTI. Other major cities coming soon nationwide.

6. Where do I get the LTE SIM?
You can get LTE SIM from any Gloworld, Glozone or Glo dealer outlets closest to you.

7. How can I subscribe to an LTE data plan?
Just dial *777# and select your choice of 4G LTE plans

8. Are the LTE data plans on auto renewal?
Yes they are all on auto renewal

9. How do I check if my current phone is LTE supported?
To check your phone support LTE for Glo, text 4G to 400. Fast APN Settings Browse Faster Glo Network.  Follow on Facebook @OfficialGeeksNG

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