SwissCoin Scam or Real?

SwissCoin Scam or Real?

Here is am Update On Swisscoin Dated April 2018

You know on Cryptofxrates, I have written so many articles about Cryptocurrency ICO, ICO Scams and lots more, however, I have kept from writing about Swisscoin since Ukrainian Police Arrest Individuals Involved in SwisCoin Ponzi scheme back then in August 2017, following the allegation that the Swisscoin scammers used the money for their own personal benefit rather than worry about their promises to investors. Ever since that incident, I have been observing the trend on the cryptoworld. Check out another similar story –  MMM Last Message Before Shutdown 2018

What is Swisscoin?

SwissCoin Scam or Real?

According to Swisscoin official website, the aim is to develop the crypto technologies that can be used by every person globally for their financial transactions need. Therefor company is developing the core system that can make the transactions very smooth. The company made its research and hey found out the solution for the core concept which can lead the world of the financial market at the speed of sunrays. They worked on it and made the documentation and feasibility research and stamp out the system and launched in the market. They compared their system with the current running system in the market; they meet the person who can put this proven system on the market so that the revolution rises in the world of the crypto market.

Well if you ask me, Bitcoin and other Blockchain technologies are already solving the stale ideology. However, the company has issued an official statement after many months of silence since crisis rocked the company. The price of the currency fell from US$7.35 all the way to US$0.003764 and no exchanges are actively supporting the digital currency whatsoever hitherto the SwissCoin Scam or Real? Slogan.

NEWSLETTER from Swiss FinTech

Dear Swisscoin Enthusiast,
we are so thrilled to send this newsletter to you, cause while you are reading this we are releasing our brand new Swisscoin Website.

With our last Newsletter we informed you already that we, Swiss Fintech Development AG, took the lead and are developing the code and projects of Swisscoin SIC and SWC from now on.

We are more than happy that you, the community, appreciated our doings and are behind us and our development.

By releasing our new website we not only took over the responsibility for the official project website, we gave the whole project a complete new identity.

We are proud to see the new, professional branding being live on the internet and we hope you share our passion not only for swisscoin but also for our new branding.
You will find a lot of information about Swisscoin, it’s technical aspects and all links to download your wallet and how to do the trading on it.

If you need to login at Veto-Concept AG Dashboard you will find it at

And we are still improving the website and adding content from day to day. So check it regular and don’t miss any information.
After this release is done successfull you will see our Company Website being released next, showing you a lot of details about our company, our projects and the people behind it.

Country Community-Leader

We received a lot of application for our Country Leader Program and are thankful to see all this great support around the world.
During the weekend we will send out all invitation for the Leaderprograms with our Leader Questionair and all details about the program.

After we get all the informations about our new Team we will send out the official Leader Team Certificate and introduce them to the community.

From that moment our communication guidelines we introduced in our last newsletter will become effective.

Listing on new Exchanges

We receive offers from a lot of different exchanges, to pay them for additional listing of Swisscoin SIC and SWC. Most of those exchanges are brand new or even not started and have no existing username or community.

Even though those exchanges offer us a listing within days for a certain amount of BTC, we don’t believe in this solution.

It’s the goal of Swiss Fintech Development AG to create a real value on the coin. This means that every listing has to provide some value the coin. With listing our coin on a platform there would be absolutely no advantage for you, our community. No new User would be attracted to join, and we not only would have to take care about our own project but would have to market the exchange too, read Google’s ad-blocker goes live in Chrome browser for Android

So we trust in getting listed on big, top Coinmarketcap exchanges. With getting listed on an exchange with hundreds of thousands and millions of users with a very huge daily trading volume all those users get instant access to our coins and with Swiss Fintech Development AG having made agreements in terms of marketing with them thousands and thousand of users will be attracted to Swisscoin SIC and SWC from the moment of being listed.

We are working hard to finish the listing on HitBTC and Coinrail. Once a guaranteed date is set, we will inform you with some breaking news.

To make the trading more easy and to give a better understanding on how to trade an explanation video is on the way and being produced while you read this.

Also we will offer a trading proxy service, to make trading on coinexchange more easy.
More details to come with or newsletter next week.


We get a lot of questions from Community Member asking of the MLM will return. The answer is a clear NO.

Not only that we see no sense in selling Tokens for an already listed coin, we don’t want to be a competitor to early community members.

This doesn’t mean that there is no way to get your contacts and efforts being rewarded. We are more than happy to discuss your possibilities and thoughts on how to develop the coins and find a way to reward it.

Just get in touch at and introduce yourself and your ideas and we will find a solution for your needs.

Dashboard Coins

We received some complaints from people thinking and telling that they got scamed by our company. To make it very clear once again. Neither Swiss Fintech Development nor any member of our Management ever took money from a single member of the community.


We just saw this beautiful product and got in touch with all the great members and decided that we want to develop the future of Swisscoin SIC and SWC and therefore took over the development of code and projects. We really believe in the future of swisscoin and see so many possibilities.

That’s even the reason we want to support all of you with getting your dashboard coins.

We are not only supporting the audit team to get over all the accounts to find every account having legit coin in it, we are also working on the improvement of the process and possibilities to get this done within the next weeks.

So we kindly ask for your patient to get the necessary things done, even most of them need to happen in the background.

We hope you find all the above news well and are looking forward to develop the future of swisscoin SIC and SWC.
Stay courious, stay enthusiastic
Swiss Fintech Development AG

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