How to Add Posts from Friend to Stories On Instagram

It is now possible for you to do Something unique on Instagram,and what is that? here in this article I will be teaching you How to Add Posts from Friend to Stories On Instagram. Have you found the Unique Something ? if you’ve good, if not then let keep going you will find out sooner or later.

Recently on one of our previous post, we talked about how to mute an account on Instagram without unfollowing them. This muting feature is not yet active on Instagram but will be soon enough. This time around  there are lots of new features updates that are being rolled out on Instagram.

Just of recent,a new Focus Portrait mode which will allow portrait shots that are posted on the stories to be actively visible by blurring out the background ,was introduced. Not long after this release was the emoji slider feature also launched and rolled out to stories.This feature enables you to know how friends feel about a story you shared and asking nuanced questions.

How to Add Posts from Friend to Stories On Instagram

There is no doubt that Instagram users would be happy about the new feature which will enable them to add posts from their friend to Stories and will also be able to to share amazing posts so that they can be visible to their followers and friends.

How to Add Posts from Friend to Stories On Instagram

  • When you locate the post you want to share to your story, tap the icon beside the comment button that looks like the flying kite or airplane.
  • The button is meant to send via a DM but a new option now appears showing “create a story with this post”
  • Tap on it to share to your story, it will now show in the story as a sticker with a customized background.
  • You have the option to rotate, tap and move before finally adding or share to your stories.
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You might wonder about privacy issues, as a result of variety of people sharing your post. Don’t worry because you can turn off the option of people sharing your posts to their stories by going to Settings.

However posts that are added to stories are going to carry the username of its original poster which when tapped will take users to the original post. Now one question for you , have you found the Unique Something we were talking about earlier ?

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