Do you Know How to mute an account on Instagram Without Unfollowing?

Over the years social media networks are one giant means that almost everyone has access to although not all the networks,and there are lot of features they have but do you know how to mute an account on Instagram without unfollowing them

This time around, we wont be talking about all the social media apps like Facebook and the the likes our attention will be focus on Instagram and its newly added feature.

No doubt,you may follow accounts that contains too many posts on a daily basis, and you know there are no limitations to what can be posted on Instagram but you would like to keep your feeds clean by controlling what content you see without unfollowing them,what then is the solution;

The solution is “mute”. Why mute ? Muting means to prevent your self from hearing something or someone even though sound is still produced from them.

It could also be compared with visual which means preventing yourself from see something probably a post even though they are being visible or shown everywhere.

But on Instagram, the mute feature will enable you hide posts on your timeline from accounts that you don’t want their post to be visible on your timeline or simply put : you don’t want to see posts from them without them being aware they were muted.

Do you Know How to mute an account on instagram Without Unfollowing?

One thing is this ,when you click on the profile of accounts you have muted without unfollowing, you will still receive notifications about posts or comments you are tagged in and still have access to see their post

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Let me now teach you the main thing here concerning muting an account on Instagram,continue reading below;

How to mute an account on Instagram without unfollowing;

This is an easy thing,to do this follow the steps given below,

  • From your feed, tap on the three dotted icon (…) in the corner of the post to bring out options.
  • The new mute option comes out from the options and when you tap on it the account is muted.

The new mute feature also makes it possible to mute stories from certain accounts. When you see stories, press and hold down on the account story you want to mute to see options. That is how to mute an account on Instagram.

The mute features is not limited to only posts but also stories from certain accounts, in order to mute an account on Instagram without unfollowing them in the aspect of “stories” from certain accounts then

  • When you see stories press and hold down on the account story you want to mute to see options.And there you have it.

Keep in mind that the mute feature is not yet available but will be rolled out and get to everyone in the coming weeks so stay safe until then. However, don’t forget to share.

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