How to post free ads online in Nigeria on Product & Services

If you know how to post free ads online in Nigeria, what would you do ? Well if that has being your aim,then today is your lucky day because we would provide useful information on advertising your goods or product for free online in Nigeria.

Back then, when we want to sell of something be it products or goods,we would have to pay for it.But those days are gone because there are different platform presently that now makes advertising easier at no cost!.

Imaging when you are trying to sell off a goods,and you still have to pay again just for you to do that,isn’t that annoying,if it is not to you then i want you to know that it frustrate many and all that anger of frustration will calm down once you are through reading this article.

Of course there are various ways available for you to advertise your goods or product online in Nigeria ,be it old or new goods / product,but we will be providing the top 3 ways or platform in which you can advertise your product for free online below are the lists;

List showing where and how to post free ads online in Nigeria

OLX : Although a news came back some months ago that OLX has shutdown its operation in Nigeria, but one thing is that the website is still active and running online,in fact this platform is one of the best and safest means to buy and sell goods or product online in the country presently. In order for you to place ads for free on this platform.

How to post free ads online

  • you need to sign up for an account on the website using your mail address,
  • then fill your profile correctly and include your mobile number.
  •   Select a category relating to the product you want to sell off and make sure you make use of good pictures of the product because no one will want to purchase your goods/product if the advertising pics is not good. In a short amount of time, you will begin to get calls from people who will want to make inquiries about your ad.

How to post free ads online in Nigeria

JIJI : This website is one of the biggest platform for posting free ads online because of the huge amount of traffic it gets daily. Their motto Sell faster, Buy smarter  is indeed true. In fact you don’t really need to signup here before you can post ads, all you need to do is visit the website and click on the Post Free Ad button to begin.

How to post free ads online

NairalandFinally we’re here, Nairaland is not just any ordinary forum, in fact it happens to be one of the biggest websites in Africa.There are various things one can do on this website apart from just commenting about things being posted.Nairaland sections like romance, jobs, education and so on. Also be aware that it has sections that contains latest job vacancies available which are being posted in this Forum site.

In order for you to post ads on this platform, you need to create a topic or perhaps start what is popularly known as thread like, after doing this,people will drop comments and begin to contact you if they are interested in the product you are advertising.

Given above are the top 3 ways on how to post free ads online in Nigeria,now stop paying unnecessary money just to enable people see the goods or product you want to sell off when there are free ways to do it online.

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