See Tecno Pouvoir 2 With A Battery That last up to 4 Days (96 Hours)

Tecno Pouvoir 2

There have being a lot of smartphone release in the years so far ,so also are new smartphones companies are coming up trying their possible best to make the smartphone they produce amazing.

Tecno as on of the top phone manufacturing companies in the world have released a new series called Pouvoir 2 which means power in French.

In some African countries like Nigeria,there are so many problems facing it and one of the major problem is “Electricity”. This in fact affects all Nigerians,even there have being several occasions where there will be no power for over a month and there are a lot of things people do with electricity.

Look around you and point out the machines and devices that requires electricity to run them, the fact is they are much and those machines and devices makes our work easier.

Take for example, for those who have an electric pressing iron at home, they use it to press their clothes in order for it to be smooth and make their appearance look attractive.

Imagine if there were no power for several days,weeks or even months. Individual will have to spend more money on buying fuel to power their generator so that it can enable the devices ,machines and appliances in the home to be used for various designated purposes.

Cutting the long story short, one major thing that people do with electricity is to use it to charge phones, now the questions is this ” what will you do if there is power for 4 days?” Flame up or what?

Well meet Tecno Pouvoir 2 a smartphone that offers up to 4days of normal usage, 24 hours of gaming and 30 hours of video playback, all thanks to its new smart power saving technology.

Tecno Pouvoir 2

Now your smartphone can survive for 4 days of which some other smartphone battery would run flat the 2nd day however let me brief you on the detail specs of Tecno Pouvoir 2.

Tecno Pouvoir 2 Key Specifications

  • Display : 6.0-inch full view display
  • Memory : 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage
  • Camera : 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera
  • Processor : Android 8.1 Oreo
  • Battery Span : Up to 4 days

There are still more information to come concerning Tecno Pouvoir 2 pricing and where to buy it,however share and enjoy this while it lasts.

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