Apple introduces macOS Mojave Operating System-To Be Lauched Soon

Apple recently introduced its next version operating system for Apple laptops and desktops,the version is  called macOS Mojave and will be making its way soon enough to the market for purchase which will also be coming as a free update this year.

Apple macOS Mojave Operating System

Last week, a developer preview of the operating system was launched,and now i am going to show you a lot features of the macOS Mojave operating system that was recently launched also its official release date and places and price you can get it.

What Are The Features Of  Apple macOS Mojave Operating System ?

Firstly, Mojave offers an optional dark mode along with a dark theme which are for the core apps and operating system.

With this,you can also change your desktop based on time the day is automatically,for example you will see the imagery of Mojave desert changing i.e Changing from morning then to afternoon and finally night as soon as the sun goes down.

Additionally,there was also a new Stacks feature introduced which will automatically group content on your desktop,this feature will enable you to expand the contents of a stacks, ability to minimize everything to a stack and open files or apps once you click on an icon.

 Finder utility feature improved in macOS Mojave

In the previous version of Apple’s operating system,the Finder utility does not have a gallery mode that will display images at the center and metadata in the sidebar along with quick options.

This feature can be found in Apple macOS Mojave operating system thus showing the difference between this newly launched operating system and the previous ones.

To our amazement, the screenshot has also being greatly improved upon,now the screenshot will enable its users to markup an image after it has been captured.

Apple introduces macOS Mojave

With this also, users have the opportunity of seeing a menu when they are capturing which will enable them to record a screencast to create videos that can be shared instead of sharing only still images.

The macOS Mojave will enables users to use an iPhone and Mac together just as the previous version of Apple’s operating system supports this,users can take a picture on an iPhone from their Mac by pressing a button from their Mac system.

This means pictures can be taken saved and then choice-fully imported to your Mac.Note that this is also applicable for scanning images with your phone’s camera, or recording videos.

macOS Mojave

Some of iOS apps are also going to be included in the Mac, apps such as ;Apple News, Stocks, and Voice Memo,users can also record a memo on their phone, sync it to their laptop or probably desktop and then import it into GarageBand or any other choice editor.

Information gotten from reliable source added that the Home app will also be coming to Mac thus enabling you to manage your smart home systems and devices,what an amazing feature.

Home App

Finally, here is what most people would enjoy hearing ; Sources stated that Apple will be stepping up its privacy game. While Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and other major tech companies are constantly looking for ways to collect user data and use it for advertising and analytics,

So we can say Apple is expanding itself on how apps can collect our data ans make use of it

Applications datas will not be granted full access except you decide to grant explicit permission,an in fact the  Safari web browser will block “fingerprinting.”

But why is Apple blocking this ? It because some sites track you without plugins, thereby effectively making all Macs look the same to those sites so you now see why.

To round up all Apple says that next year developers will have access to tools that make it easy to port iOS apps to run on macOS with minimal code changes.

All the features of Apple macOS Mojave operating system are amazing,the official launching date is not yet know but one its out,we will be sure to update you,however you can still enjoy the premium version it’s actually a free update.

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