How To Detect Fake Memory (sd) card – See 1 Unique Method

Detect Fake Memory

“I bought a 16GB SD card and it later began to delete contents on it own, contents that i stored on it” says Bliss,what do you think could be the cause of this he asks. Imaging you bought an SD card and decided to store some of your valuable information on it, like pictures, files, videos e.t.c and then suddenly you discovered that you couldn’t find those items again what would you do? The problem is because you store those data on a Fake memory card.

You may wonder how ? There are some tons of SD card that do not truly offer what they advertise, how do i mean; Take for example, a memory card that has 64GB written on it may have as low as  4GB as original storage space available on it. Whereas you would think its 64GB. Unfortunately, many have fallen victim to this act below are some comments based on victims complains;

“I remember I bought 16gig from slot and it got spoiled after 5days” Says Razzi.

“I bought a 16gb SD card from Jumia sometime last year and the card kept deleting content on it own.” Says Bestboss5.

I remembered when i bought a fake, i was so upset about it i stopped using sd card for close to two years until i got an original one.” Says Obianuju.

What a sad thing to experience.People always say experience is the best teacher but not in all cases at times the best form of experience is learning from others experience. I am very sure you don’t want to fall victim to buying fake sd card since you now know some people have fallen victim to it, and that is why i will show you how to detect fake memory card before buying it, don’t worry we’ve got you covered on this. Let begin the tutorial.

How To Detect Fake Memory card Before Purchasing it

There is an application called SD insight which can be downloaded on google play store,let me brief you on this app;

SD insight app interface

SD insight : It is nearly impossible for one to be able to differentiate between fake and real memory cards,but with this SD insight, you will be able to view SD card manufacturing details, the original size ,product revision and many more. It is a fast and free mobile application and its easy to use.Download SD insight from google play store

The steps below will show you how to use it to detect fake memory card;

  • After installing the app you were directed to download from play store,insert your memory card into your Android phone. In most cases, you may have to turn off your phone in order to do this.
  • Having done that, open the SD insight application on your phone and there you would see all the SD card information displayed in a very easy-to-understand format.Information such as; product name, product revision, manufacturers date serial number ,memory card size and many more.

For you to see more details about your memory card, tap on the Menu button, But In some cases, you might’ve more than one memory card on your device how would you be able to see the details of both SD cards? That is not a problem because the SD insight app will enable you see the information on each of the memory cards.

Finally the validation of the SDCard against its class rating for the minimum data transfer rate can also be viewed from the app, so worries.

You will no longer fall victim to buying fake memory card again will you ? Or have you already fallen victim before coming across this post ?

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