How To Download First Touch Soccer 2019 (FTS 19 APK)

In this article,you will see How to Download First Touch Soccer 2019 Mod Apk and Data OBB files with easy steps that even a layman can follow.

This article has all the necessary information and links for downloading the fts 19 apk  on your Android smartphone and play for free.

Last year, there were massive downloads of  FTS 17 Apk, and presently FTS 18 Apk, now the First Touch Soccer 2019 which is shortly called FTS 19 Apk is a new MOD versions of it previous ones i.e the fts  is next in line.

But ever since the release of FTS  2015, X2 games company had put a stop to the releasing of new versions, so this version of the fts 19 happens not to be the official one.

No doubt, you must be having fun with the game previous version that is the FT 18 ,however there has being a lot more features that have being added to the 2019 version of this game. Featues such as ;

  • New players
  • New leagues
  • New kits
  • New clubs
  • New sounds and many more.

FTS 19 apk file size is as usual not too high to download, it has just 260MB file size which is very much lower than that of PES and FIFA football games which can be played on mobiles phones.

The only problem you might have is that the 260MB file size of the game will take up much space on your phone,but downloading cost is cheap.

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how to download fts 19 apk mod

One thing for sure is that the fts19 graphics has being upgraded and improved upon,also remember that this game version is not the official version because the official version is not yet revealed but you can still enjoy the MOD version since it is the upgraded version of the 2018 edition.

Additionally, all features of FTS 19 are unlocked with comes with unlimited coins and money. The user interface (UI) is really cool and is confirmed compatible with even some old versions of Android device.

In fact, one of the major advantages of First Touch Soccer over FIFA, PES, and dream league soccer is that it’s compatible with many Android phones even those with little RAM size and internal memory.

You might ask yourself what are some of the features of fts 19, to answer that let discuss it in detail below;

  • The user interface (UI) of the game is dope and is tested to be supported with some old versions of Android device even those with low internal memory and RAM size can enjoy the game on their phones. And this feature makes the First Touch Toccer games unique over PES , Dream League Soccer & FIFA.
  • It is Unlocked.
  • It also comes with unlimited coins and money.The coins are free to get.

It is my believe that you have a lot of in formation on this game, now it high time you know how to download fts 19 apk .

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Before that, below are some key information based on the game’s description you need to know. Also note that the download links for the game will be provided below in this article;

 FTS 19 APK Download Links

Key Information Of FTS 19 APK Download

  • Game Name: FTS 19 (First Touch Soccer 19)
  • Supported Versions:Android 4.0 +
  •  Game Size: 256MB


To have fts 19 apk download on you Android phone, click on the download links provided earlier above in this article.

To install the game after download, follow the step guideline below however if you are familiar with the installing of FTS games, the installation process is similar just as we had post on this blog.

fts 19 apk download

Step 1:
First of all, you need to download the game from the links which were provided above.

Step 2:
Having downloaded it, the next thing for you to do is to extract the files which you have downloaded. This can be done by making use of a a file extraction app for Android such as Winra which can be downloaded from playstore.

Step 3:
Once that is done,you can now  Install First Touch Soccer 2019 apk to your Android device

Step 4:
Now, you have to move the OBB file following this pattern ; move to Phone Storage>Android>OBB.Should in case it doesn’t play don’t worry just move it to another storage other than the storage pattern given here.

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Step 5:
Look! you are done,you can click on the installed application of the game, launch and play and after having the game installed and working on your smartphone you will see more features of the game.

Now you must’ve known how to download FTS 19 apk, however if you have user experience concerning this game feel free to share with us using the comment box. To download the previous edition of FTS game series, click here.

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