How To Save Battery On Android phones – Cell Standby Fix

When i bought my first smartphone ever with my own money ,innjoo F3,i enjoyed the battery for a while,and after some weeks later, the battery began to drain quickly even even when am not using it.. As at the time i discovered this ,i was so annoyed and felt i just wasted money buying it, I thought it was because of the applications i had installed on it but it was not. Have you also experienced battery problems such as mine? No doubt you must have if not similar. What then is the solution to this, people ask? Here is where cell standby fix comes in.

The standby fix of your device is one way the problem of battery drainage can be solved,at times people blame the manufacturers of their phones for the cause of that but they are not always at fault in most cases,at times the cause could be your cell standby,you might wonder what that means;

What Is Cell Standby ?

This is the energy or power your phone use to locate signals or simply put “search for signals“. This power that is used to search for signals is  being drawn from your phone. And that is why sometimes you will discover that you phone get hot even without you using it (when idle). This happens when your phone is searching for signals for a longer period of times.

Many thought it was the applications they installed on their phone that causes quick battery drainage,but having uninstalled them in fact almost everything,they still have the same issues with their battery. Have you tried the method of uninstalling apps before and it did not work? Here is a complete guide on to fix your cell standby.

How to stop cell standby from draining your battery – Cell standby Fix

This article contains 3 methods you can use;

Method 1

  • Open the dialer and enter *#*#4636#*#*
  • Click on Phone information

cell standby fix

  • Look for set preferred network type, choose the one that suits you. Mine was on TD-SCDMA, GSM/WCDMA and LTE so I change it to LTE/WCDMA
  • Finally,reboot the phone and you are done

Method 2

In case you don’t know ; Wi-Fi also drains your phone battery. In order to prevent it from doing so anymore,you will have to change the wifi settings so that it will not be active when your phone is not being used (Idle).

To change it; follow this pattern;

WiFi Method

  • Go to settings>WLAN>Advanced settings>Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep=select “Never”.
  • Select Turn off “Always allow scanning” and “Network notification” this can be done in that same menu.

Method 3

This method is what i call the SMS method,it also works effectively as some have testify to it Al you need to do is this; Switch Your SMS Messaging app from 3rd party to the default messaging app.

At least if not all of the methods brings any changes one of them must surely work, however we suggest you try the cell standby fix method because that is the major problems facing most smartphones with battery drainage issues. I hope you find this guide useful and informative.

Do you by any chance have issue with any of the methods given here or you’ve tried it and it worked for you Please share your experience with us using the comment box.

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