How to Trace an Email address to its Owner – See Top 3 Ways

On the internet we do lots of things ,like sourcing for information,give people information and so on. But whatever we do, one thing is that we communicate. Have you ever received an information via Email from an unknown source and would like to find out who the sender is, here is how to trace an email address to its owner.

Sometimes, we might receive  an email message from someone we do not know, and the content of the message being sent might arouse curiosity, in the sense that we would want to know who is behind the mask.Take for example;

You received a message from an unknown person in your email, and then the message goes thus ” Hello friend,do you know you can make $1000 in just two months on your phone, I love you and want you to also enjoy from this benefit that i am enjoying now. Hurry now and click here”.

One might get message similar to this and curiosity would want you to want to know who the sender is or you might just choose to ignore. Which ever the case might be, it will be wise for you to know how you can trace and email address to its owner because you never can tell when you will need it.

Here are the top 3 proven ways to do that;

How to trace an email address to its owner

  • Tracing the email sender’s IP Address : Every email being sent to your mail contains much more information about about the sender that you don’t know.,and will only take some few people just to figure it out. The messages received contains headers which gives out a lot of information. What one need to do is to check the IP address of the sender of which Yahoo is one of the easiest. Having finding the senders IP address, you can trace it  with these tools  IP lookup OR IP tracker.
  • Tracing with Social Media : We can rightly say that almost everyone is on a particular social media ,be it Twitter ,Facebook and so on. But Facebook happens to be the social media platform that has the largest number of users (over 1 billion users every month) which is then followed by the micro-blogging site Twitter.
  • Tracing with Google : Google is the largest and biggest search engine in the world. Take note of the word Largest which means it has a lot of information available on it.By chance we may have dropped our emails on websites Blogs and the likes of which Google must’ve crawled using what we call Bots. In order for you to know if this is true try to type your email address in the google search bar and see all the information google has on you.

If not all these methods, at least one must surly work out, so be safe and know the person behind the mask since you may now have known the ways you can follow to trace an email address back to its owner.

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