Huawei Next Smartphones Are Set To Feature Kirin 710 CPU


Huawei Kirin 710 CPU

What makes something or someone unique? It because the thing or the person has or does something that others within the same race do not. Have you ever though of this ; what makes Google outstanding than other search engines?,Why do you think new features are being added to social medias? The purpose is to make them unique,being able to come up with something that others have not. Currently, Huawei are working on their own Kirin 710 CPU  processor.

This will be a rival to the known Snapdragon 710 that most smartphones features,and might even end up performing better than it. As a result of this ,smartphones manufacturing companies may decide to come up with their own processor also.

Huawei Kirin 710 CPU  will be made available in Huawei smartphones that are to come which they promised will be out soon,we’re expecting this update to be available on Nova 3 which is the next smartphone in line for them to release by July.

This update features  the company’s own chipset architecture based on Cortex A73 CPUs which will be built using 12nm process at Taiwan Manufacturing Company.Sources also suggest Huawei Technologies will ship 140 million smartphones with 50% of it all being mid-range models.

This is all we’ve got on Huawei Kirin 710 CPU ,and as we’ve noted earlier that this update will be available on Nova 3 so stay tuned until then. Do you think this update will perform better than others ?

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  • It’s amazing how mobile phone manufacturers are expanding into designing their own chipsets.
    First with Apple and now, Huawei. Hopefully, this will be a great development for consumers.