The Next iPhone will launch with triple camera & 3D sensor

Y’ello  iPhone lovers, your giant smartphone manufacturing company Apple will be launching an iPhone that will feature triple camera along with 3D sensor. Although rumor suggest we should be expecting this by next year 2019.

There have being leaks about this to come iPhone series,and this generation of iPhone is a lot different from the other previous versions released over the years. With the triple camera and the 3D sensor coming with this smartphone,there will be lot to do with taking pictures.

iPhone triple camera with 3D sensor

One major interesting feature iPhone is known for is their camera quality ,all of their smartphone release over the years comes with nice pixels for taking pictures. And the fact remains that the quality of the picture taken with an iPhone is always good.

The iPhone coming with a 3D sensor means out of the three cameras that is to come with the iPhone,two of them will be able to focus on just a particular object from different angles. As  result of this,the coming iPhone will have the ability to capture 3d objects.

As a matter of fact, most experts are saying the iPhone 3D sensor smartphone will be better than its predecessors whose sensor  just reads the time as laser goes through objects to be captured.

However, some reasoned that the iPhone triple camera with 3D sensor smartphone should be able to enhance the illusion of depth in an image using the two camera so that there will be a long-lasting power saving.

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We do not know what will happen concerning Apple launching their next generation iPhone which is to feature triple camera along side a 3D sensor. They might decide to surprise us with a triple camera this year.

Although Huawei P20 Pro is one smartphone featuring the same feature that the next generation iPhone is to come with.There was never an expectation of any device featuring 3 rear cameras to be launched in 2018.However Huawei P20 Pro took the worlds attention and in fact happens to be at the top 1 on the DXOMark  and still maintains it place here for over three months now.

iPhone triple camera with 3D sensor rumored specs

Currently, there have not being any much specs about the iPhone next generation smartphone as it is a still yet to come device. However,here are the two giant rumored specs concerning its camera;

  • 3x optical zoom
  • longer focal length

As usual, every smartphone manufacturing company get cameras from different camera manufacturing companies, for example we know Cupertino based company currently get their cameras from Sony, Sharp, LG, and Dali.

However Apple will be getting their camera from Dali because they are able to match their demand and are fast when it comes to delivery prior to setups.

The release price is not yet known but i think we should be expecting the usual pattern Apple follow when it comes to pricing. What i mean is that it will be expensive and not affordable by all.

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That’s all the information we’ve got on this so let all sit back and wait for the promising iPhone triple camera with 3D sensor that is to come.

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