TECNO Spark 2 Full Specs and Price- Cheap & Affordable

TECNO Spark 2 specs


If you had the opportunity to buy a smartphone that features decent specs, like Fingerprint scanner,Face ID, and 3500mAh battery capacity, for a cheap price would you go for it ,or do you think you can’t get a smartphone featuring these specs for an affordable price ? Yes you can!, TECNO Spark 2 specs is one that offers you quick access to your smartphone,long-lasting battery and many more.

Many need smartphones that are affordable (cheap) and at the same time offering good specifications that top brand smartphones features,but they might fear they can’t get both at the same time i.e a smartphone that is cheap and also features top specs. True,top smartphones manufacturing companies release devices that are not affordable at times but not in all cases.

To prove that, you are going to see some of Tecno Spark 2 specs explained in details and determine in your mind first the price you think it will cost,then at the end of this article i will unveil the price so you can compare what was on your mind to what you will see,so let begin;

Display & Body Design


It offers a 6.6″ full display that comes with a screen resolution of 1440 x 720. There is a fingerprint scanner at the back of the phone that can be used to unlock the device which saves the stress of entering password or drawing patterns to unlock the device.

The body design is just similar to the previous smartphone series released by Tecno. Its covering is made up of strong plastic,and the screen edge is covered in black thus giving it a classic look. Taking a look at the edge,there are two buttons there ; the upper part for increasing volume while the one beneath is for turning off. These buttons can still be used for various other purposes.

Storage Capacity

Spark 2 is packed with 1GB of RAM and 16GB ROM as internal storage,although the RAM size is low but it will still run smoothly. Why ? There is a software version installed on the device which it will run on,this version is what will enable the device to run smoothly just as other higher RAM’s.

But you might ask yourselves ; what is this software version called ? it is called Android 8.1 Go edition.

Software & Connectivity

It runs on Android 8.1 Go edition which is installed so as to optimize the RAM ,so that it would function just as other RAM’s with higher size in terms of speed. Unfortunately, it is not 4G supported but features Fingerprint scanner and Face ID.The processor speed is at 1.3GHz quad-core which is powered by MediaTek MT6737M 32-bit ,in addiction, it also supports GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2,  and USB 2.0 Dual & Nano Sim.


Front camera flash

Camera wise, Tecno Spark 2 comes with an 8 MP front camera along with a dual flash and screen flash,while it carries 13 MP camera at the back (rear camera) which also features a ring flash.

Battery Capacity

The device comes with a long-lasting 3500mAh battery capacity just similar to that of its previous series specs.

Tecno Spark 2 Price

Like i said earlier, the price will be revealed at the end of this article, i want you to take a look at the long range specifications of this smartphone that will be provided below after tat you then predict what the price will be, i am assuming that even with the discussed specifications on the Display,camera battery capacity and so on ,you must’ve predicted a price this device will sell for. Whether you’re right or not we will know later.

TECNO Spark 2 Specs- Complete Specifications


Where To Buy Tecno Spark 2

Before that, i will like to unveil the price, Tecno Spark 2 price in Nigeria is set at N36,000 . Purchase can be made here.

Without a doubt in my mind, i think Tecno Spark 2 specs are awing to you,however, what price did you think it was before you got to know?

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